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You can now buy the OnePlus Nord in a slick looking collector's box

A very stylish OnePlus experience. What you need to know You can now buy a limited edition of the Nord in an artsy box designed by Joshua Vides. It's called the OnePlus Nord X Reality to Idea Collector Box. It'll set you back £469, the same price as the regular non-exclusive Nord Model. OnePlus phones often come with various collector's editions , and the Nord is no exception. Aside from the OnePlus Nord Literally Only One Edition , there's a OnePlus Nord X Reality to Idea Collector Box — a limited edition of the OnePlus Nord in a stylish box. Inside the package you'll get the Norditself, then a creative case, a sleeve, and a tote back, all decked out in a monochrome design by artist Joshua Vides. It's all very minimal and intended to reflect OnePlus's stated ethos of "stripping things down to the essentials." You're not getting anything that's not in the regular OnePlus Nord functionality and features-wise, but that is most l

Here's how to cancel your PlayStation Now subscription

PlayStation Now may not be the hugely popular service that Xbox Game Pass is for players, but the subscription service still has a ton of value. It offers more than 800 games spanning some of the best that the PS2, PS3, and PS4 have to offer and adds new games monthly. However, if you're a member of PlayStation Now and find yourself ready to get rid of your subscription, doing so is incredibly easy. How to cancel PlayStation Now on your console Luckily, canceling your PlayStation Now subscription is easy, no matter what console you have. Ending your subscription is as simple as navigating to your account information page on your console and/or website. From there, you simply turn off the auto-renew function or cancel the service, and you're good to go. To cancel your PlayStation Now subscription on your PS4 or PS5, follow these steps: From the dashboard on your PlayStation 4 or 5, head to your Settings app on the console. Scroll all of the way down to Users and Acco

This is what a 'Clearly White' Google Pixel 4a would have looked like

As you would expect, the Clearly White Pixel 4a prototype looks nearly identical to the Clearly White Pixel 4a 5G. What you need to know Google has accidentally revealed an unreleased white Pixel 4a prototype in an Instagram story. It is likely that Google may have originally planned to release the phone in black and white colors at launch. The Pixel 4a is available in just two color options: Just Black and Barely Blue. Google posted a new story on its official "Made by Google" Instagram account on the occasion of International Dance Day, showing off its latest Nest Audio smart speaker. As spotted by the folks over at Android Authority , the Instagram story also reveals an unreleased white Pixel 4a . While the phone looks fairly similar to a Pixel 4a 5G in Clearly White, the orange power button makes it clear that the device is, in fact, a Pixel 4a. Surprisingly, however, the story hasn't been taken down yet. It is possible that Google may have planned to

Bowflex Velocore Bike Review: Additional polish required

Bowflex stepped up to make a Peloton-killer, but this ain't it. Not yet, anyway. A year ago, Bowflex made an amazing bike for half the price of the starter Peloton. The reason I like that bike so much was simple; it did everything a Peloton could do and let me watch whatever I wanted to watch while I'm on the bike. See, I have very little interest in being part of a virtual spin class when I'm on my bike. In fact, when I first started using an indoor bike to lose weight, I binged the entirety of Stargate SG-1 while riding. Being able to bring my own screen to the Bowflex bike so I could ride in my own home and record my rides with my heart rate while I watched whatever I wanted was a dream. When Bowflex announced the Velocore bike series, I was similarly excited. Instead of having to bring your own screen, there was a 16 or 22-inch display mounted on the edge of the bike with access to dozens of streaming apps like Netflix and Disney+ . If you wanted that guided, spin

Is it worth upgrading to the Ring Video Doorbell 3 from the Doorbell 2?

Privacy at its core Ring Video Doorbell 3 $180 at Amazon Pros Adjustable motion zones Dual-band 2.4Ghz/5Ghz Wi-Fi Privacy zones No wiring needed since it's battery-powered Cons Poor Google Assistant integration The Ring Video Doorbell 3 isn't a mind-blowing generational leap, but it's a worthwhile product upgrade nonetheless. With a focus on privacy, better motion detection, and improved compatibility with faster, modern Wi-Fi networks, the Ring Video Doorbell 3 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a powerful battery-operated video doorbell. Now discontinued Ring Video Doorbell 2 See it at Amazon Pros No wiring needed since it's battery-powered Cons Only supports 2.4GHz networks Poor Google Assistant integration Can't customize motion detection Officially discontinued Ring has made a name for itself over the years, and the Ring Video Doorbell 2 has been at the forefront of that. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 isn't being so

EU accuses Apple of violating competition law in Spotify antitrust case

The EU says consumers are losing out due to Apple's anti-competitive App Store practices. What you need to know The European Commission has found Apple's app store practices to be in violation of the EU competition law. It is concerned with the mandatory use of Apple's own in-app purchase system imposed on third-party music streaming apps distributed via the App Store. Apple will have to respond to the European Commission's objections within the next twelve weeks. The European Commission today issued a "Statement of Objections" against Apple, nearly two years after Spotify filed an antitrust complaint with the European Union over "Apple Tax." The Commission's preliminary conclusion is that the Cupertino-based tech giant is in breach of the EU competition law. The Statement of Objections takes issue with the imposition of Apple's own in-app purchase system on all third-party music streaming apps that are distributed via the App S

Ready for Android 11? Here's when your phone will get the latest update

Android 11 is coming to more and more phones every day. The stable version of Android 11 was released a few months ago, and while it isn't the most revolutionary update we've ever seen, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about it. Whether you're looking forward to the new conversation notifications, chat bubbles for messaging apps, or the upgraded permission handling, it may be a while before you can actually start messing around with all of these software goodies. The update is available for the Pixels and select OnePlus phones, while the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 lineups have also received their One UI 3.0 update which is based on Android 11. We've rounded up all of the current info to help give you a better idea of when Android 11 will arrive on your device. The timelines change based on manufacturer and region, but the list below should give you a broad overview of if and when you will get the Android 11 update on your phone. Jump to: Google Pixel

Cook some Tatooine street meat with an R2-D2 Instant Pot on sale for $60

Star Wars Day is almost here! May the Fourth is coming up and Instant Pot wants to get a head start with some interesting Star Wars-themed deals. Right now you can get an Instant Pot Duo pressure cooker with either an R2-D2 theme or a Darth Vader theme on sale for $59.98. These custom designs are very limited and never go on sale. Today's deal is only the second time we have seen either one of these Instant Pots drop from their regular $100 street price, and this is the lowest they go. This is a great price for a fantastic pressure cooker, and the Star Wars theme is just a little bit extra if you happen to be a fan. There are some other themes available, but they aren't on sale. You can get the BB-8 version for just $79.99, but that's also a 3-quart Instant Pot instead of a 6-quart pot. I am all for Star Wars-themed anything. Celebrate your fandom with one of these pressure cookers. Go for it. However, I also need to know that this is a good device, right? The Star

These are the best Bluetooth trackers to keep tabs on valuables

Never worry about losing your keys again after you grab one of our picks for the best Bluetooth trackers! Simply pair one of these Bluetooth trackers with your phone and attach it to your keys or valuables. When you lose an item, you're only an app away from quickly finding it again. Tile continues to dominate this market though it faces competition from new players all the time. Even so, our favorite Bluetooth tracker is still the Tile Pro. And the newer version, introduced in late 2019, offers an unbeatable range, the loudest alert, and a one-year replaceable battery. Best Overall: Tile Pro One of the most critical factors to consider when choosing a Bluetooth tracker is range. This determines the distance a tracker can be found through your smartphone app. Most people shopping for a tracker are going to look for the largest range possible. While many options on the market clock in around 100-200 feet, the new Tile Pro beats those numbers by a long shot. It's also smoo