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Alarmed by A.I. Chatbots, Universities Start Revamping How They Teach

When Antony Aumann, a professor of philosophy at Northern Michigan University, graded essays for his course on world religions last month, he read what he described as easily “the best paper in the class.” It examined the morality of burqa bans with clean paragraphs, apt examples and rigorous arguments. A red flag immediately went up. Mr. Aumann confronted his student with whether he had written the essay himself. The student admitted to using ChatGPT , a chatbot that provides information, explains concepts and generates ideas in simple sentences – and in this case wrote the paper. Disturbed by his discovery, Mr. Aumann decided to change the way he writes essays for his courses this semester. He plans to require students to write first drafts in the classroom, using browsers that monitor and limit computer activity. In later drafts, students must justify each revision. Mr. Aumann, who may refrain from essays in subsequent semesters, also plans to incorporate ChatGPT into the classroo

How to Use the iPhone 14’s Emergency Satellite SOS

Get help, even if you’re off the grid. One of the new features that arrived alongside the iPhone 14 handsets in September 2022 was a feature that Apple calls “Emergency SOS via satellite”—and the name tells you pretty much all you need to know. Apple says it's intended for “exceptional circumstances when no other means of reaching the emergency services are available.” When you're in trouble and you can't get a Wi-Fi signal or a lock on a cell tower, your iPhone 14 will make contact with a satellite and send out your plea for help that way. Be warned, though, this isn't a backup internet connection for personal use. The satellite connection is slow and limited, and it's really only suitable for transmitting key information about your situation: where you are, what condition you're in, and what you need help with. To use the Emergency SOS via satellite function, you need an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, or an iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple hasn'

Night mode on iPhone: How to use it and best shots we’ve seen

Night mode remains one of the iPhone’s most impressive camera system features, despite recent concerns about how unnatural post-processing can make photos look. We recently asked the 9to5Mac community on  Twitter  to reply with their best nighttime shots; below are some of the most awe-inspiring replies. Read on to see how you can use Night mode and the best photos I’ve seen with it. You may not have even noticed your iPhone has a dedicated Night mode. Unlike other Camera app modes, you don’t need to swipe or toggle between a Night mode photo and a normal one. Night mode turns on and adjusts automatically when it senses a low-light environment. When enabled, it vastly improves photos by increasing the exposure time of your iPhone’s camera. The result can be some pretty incredible low-light shots. How to use Night mode Note: Night mode is available on all iPhone 11 models and newer, as well as iPad Pro. Since you can’t manually turn on Night mode for any setting, you’

How to enable Alexa person and package announcements on an Echo speaker

You may already be used to telling your Alexa smart speaker what to do: play your Spotify playlist, set a timer for the hard-boiled eggs, turn on your smart lights. But you might not know that the voice assistant has a number of proactive features — things it can do without being prompted. One such feature is having an Amazon Echo speaker announce when motion is detected on a compatible security camera. Motion announcements work on a large number of Alexa-compatible cameras and, as of last week, that includes Google Nest’s newest cameras . But now, thanks to a recent update , Echo speakers can also announce when a smart camera sees a person or, on some devices, a package. Plus, it can also automatically show a live feed from that security camera on any Echo Show device, so you can take a look without having to do or say anything. Person and package detection is currently limited to certain models from Ring, with support for cameras from Google Nes

How to turn on subtitles on YouTube

YouTube is home to millions upon millions of videos, and chances are the number of videos you come across is a fraction of everything. This is because YouTube is also available in other countries where English isn’t the spoken language. This can be an issue if you’re trying to watch a video in a different language but don’t understand what’s going on. Thankfully, subtitles do exist and if you want to be able to understand what’s being said in a video, then here’s how you can turn on subtitles in a YouTube video. Turn on subtitles on YouTube Desktop Go to the YouTube video you want to turn on subtitles for Click the subtitle button Once you click it, subtitles should appear in the video If the subtitles appear aren’t in your language, you can click the gear icon, click on Subtitles/CC and then select your language Mobile Launch the YouTube app Go to the video you want to watch Tap o

HomeKit Weekly: How to make any curtains Siri-controlled with SwitchBot and Homebridge

Over the past few months, I’ve been exploring many of the various use cases around Homebridge through the HOOBS all in one box. I have devices that can run Homebridge, but I like the streamlined approach of not needing to manage the nitty-gritty software. My latest experiment with HOOBS is adding the SwitchBot Curtain Motor to my HomeKit environment. HomeKit Weekly is a series focused on smart home accessories, automation tips and tricks, and everything to do with Apple’s smart home framework. As I mentioned, I am using the SwitchBot Curtain with HOOBS , but frankly, it’s beneficial on its own. If you don’t care about accessing it through HomeKit, you can buy the curtain motor, the SwitchBot Hub Mini Smart Remote , and the SwitchBot One Touch Button to build a really nice solution. On a daily basis, I’d almost be tempted to open and

Where to Watch Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway in ‘WeCrashed’ Online

Apple TV+ Jared Leto  has done it again. The method actor, known for his  extreme on-screen transformations , is almost unrecognizable in his performance as Adam Neumann, the charismatic founder of the WeWork communal workspace venture, in the new Apple TV series  WeCrashed . The first three episodes of the eight-part miniseries hit Apple TV Plus on Friday, March 18. With the help of a dialect coach and an expert hair and makeup team, Leto disappears into the real-life character of Neumann, whose idea for a single co-working space eventually became WeWork, a $47 billion start-up. Inspired by real events, the eight-episode drama details the extreme rise and fall of the company through the eyes of Neumann and his wife, Rebekah (played by  Anne Hathaway ), whose chaotic love story fueled the creation and sudden crash of one of the world's most valuable start-ups. The Oscar-winning pair stars with Kyle Marvin,  America Ferrera  and O-T Fagbenle in the limited-series based on the hit Wo

Here's how to get going with your brand-new Fitbit

No matter if you're trying to lose weight, be more active throughout the day, keep track of sleep, or simply get an idea of your overall health, Fitbits are among the best fitness trackers out there and a great way to help you live a healthier life. Excited to start using yours but need some help getting it set up for the first time? You're in the right place. Here, we'll look at how to set up Fitbit. How to download the Fitbit app for Android Before we do anything else, we need to get the Fitbit app downloaded on your phone. Doing so is quite simple. Open the Google Play Store app on your phone. Tap the search bar at the top and search Fitbit . Tap the Fitbit app (it should be the first result). Tap the green Install button .