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Make your Google Meet sessions more lively with animated video backgrounds

Google Meet isn't always the first to offer new video calling features, but it gets around to them eventually. More than a year after Zoom popularized the feature, animated backgrounds have finally arrived on Google Meet. There aren't that many options to choose from right now, but we're so glad that they're finally here. If you've ever changed your background on a Google Meet call, this is all going to feel very familiar, but it's amazing what a difference a little motion makes. Let's get into how to set up animated backgrounds using Google Meet. How to set up animated video backgrounds in Google Meet Open a Google Meet session . Before you join, click on the three-dot menu at the bottom center of the screen. Click on Change background . There are currently three preset animated backgrounds to choose from. Pick the one you like best, including a party with fun blob characters , a tranquil forest scene , and a cute classroom with fruity class

Have a flashing white PS4 controller? Here's how to fix it.

When your PlayStation or peripherals do things you've never seen before, it's understandable to get worried. The DualShock controller light doesn't usually flash white. There are two main reasons you might see the flashing white light on your DualShock controller: either the battery is dying, or the controller failed to connect to your PlayStation console. Both these things are fixable. We just need to troubleshoot the problems so you can get back to enjoying your games with the best PS4 controllers available. Here's how to get started. Jump to: Check your USB cable Reset your console Reset the controller Start in Safe Mode Using a DualShock 4 on PS5 Products used in this guide AmazonBasics PlayStation 4 Controller Charging Cable DualShock 4 Wireless Controller Check your USB cable USB cables can be fragile. One of the most straightforward problems to fix is replacing your old USB charging cord and replacing it with shiny new ones. Just some basic USB

How to watch Love Island 2021: Live stream the new series online

Are you ready for another summer of love? A new group of hopefuls is set to descend on the Balearic Island of Majorca for the UK's most talked-about TV dating show. Watch every match-making moment with our Love Island 2021 live stream guide below, and watch the show no matter where in the world you are. After a coronavirus-enforced break from the screens last year, the show returns with Laura Whitmore back to host the romantic action and comedian Iain Stirling once again providing his wise-crackingly sarcastic voiceovers. There's £50,000 up for grabs for the reality show's winner, but that's likely to be some way down the pecking order of what's on the mind of the twenty-something contestants taking part. Viewers in the UK have been given an early glimpse of this season's hopefuls who include a teacher who has never been on a date before and the show's first physically disabled contestant. The last series to be broadcast from Mallorca was won in 201

Can you upgrade devices to Wi-Fi 6E 6Ghz? Here's what we found.

Best answer: No, not yet. Android phones will not be updated to support 6GHz Wi-Fi 6E unless they ship with support. Some PC expansion cards are available, but neither Windows 10 nor MacOS support 6GHz bands yet. Stick with Wi-Fi 6 for now Wi-Fi 6 is high-speed, with some routers offering up to AX11000 speeds and many devices supporting link speeds of 2.4Gbps. For pretty much anything you need to do on your wireless devices, this is more than fast enough. Wi-Fi 6E, however, doesn't set out to increase the top speed of Wi-Fi 6 but to keep those speeds up even in heavily congested areas. This is thanks to support for 6GHz spectrum, where there are many more WI-FI channels available. For years, our Wi-Fi devices have been using spectrum at 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and while this spectrum supports more than enough speed for our devices in a vacuum, things look very different when you add dozens of routers and wireless devices to the mix. Even 5GHz Wi-Fi, which offers multiple channels cap

Here's how to know if your phone is truly unlocked

Best answer: The easiest way to see if your phone is unlocked is to try another SIM card in it. You can also call the carrier you purchased it from to check the status and request an unlock. Where did you buy it, and how? Carrier-locked phones are limited to using a SIM from just one carrier. This means that if you want to change carriers, you'll need to make sure your phone is unlocked or get ready to buy a new one. The good news is that if you've paid off your phone, you can get it unlocked and bring it to another carrier. If you bought your phone from a carrier, the first thing to do is make sure it's paid off. If you were paying it off over a series of payments, you'd need to make sure you have paid the full balance. Once it's paid off, it will either unlock automatically, or you can request an unlock from the carrier. If you're switching to a new carrier, make sure to get your phone unlocked before you leave your old carrier. You can still get your pho

Send your Android's screen on timeout to save battery. Here's how!

Keeping your phone's screen unlocked 24/7 is unsafe, and it consumes a fair amount of battery life. You can change the timeout length on your Android phone to put it to sleep automatically after a set amount of inactive time. This way, you can keep prying eyes off your private data and make your phone last a little longer . Let's get to it! How to change your screen timeout length on an Android phone The screen timeout settings on almost every Android phone can be found under the display settings. This includes older versions such as Android 9 and 10, the current Android 11, and the latest Android 12 , which is still in beta. Open Settings on your Android phone. Look for Display and tap it. Tap Screen timeout and choose your desired length. There are plenty of preset options for you to choose from in the screen timeout settings. The time lengths range from 5 seconds all the way up to 30 minutes. You can choose an amount of time that matches your average usage. We

Want to remove payment information from your PS5? Here's how.

Regardless of how much you love your PS5, sometimes you don't want your payment information stored away. If you are security conscious, no longer use a particular account, or simply don't wish to use the digital store, you may want to delete your payment information. Although relatively straightforward, the process is hidden behind a few menus and can be difficult to find. Let's explore this now, with our guide on how to remove payment information from your PS5 . Some added security If you're a bit wary of storing card information for security reasons, keep this in mind before removing your card info. Many people are wary of their information being stored on their console, not only in the form of payment methods, but also security and two-factor authentication . Your cell phone is used to enable two-factor authentication, but you're not willing to add a phone number on your PS5 system; there are other options. You can use an authenticator app in tandem with QR c

How to spend less on a pair of wireless earbuds

The best cheap true wireless earbuds have become great over the past several years. The ones you typically hear about are super expensive. Still, there are some great budget options out there, such as the Creative Outlier Air V2 , which offer fantastic battery life, exceptional comfort, and superb sound quality. Best overall: Creative Outlier Air V2 It's hard to beat the Outlier Air V2 on battery life. Even compared to the best wireless earbuds , they outperform most of them with up to 12 hours of audio playback per charge at default volume. Add another (almost) two charges in the charging case, and you've got over 30 hours of total listening time. The only real downside is that the case doesn't feature wireless charging. Creative based the design on the Outlier Gold, which used different ear tips than the original Outlier Air did, and that move pays dividends in both fit and comfort. It also gives you a better seal to trap in more of the bass and preserve as much of