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Is the Galaxy S21 worth an extra $100 over the S20 FE?

Best overall Samsung Galaxy S21 $700 at Amazon Pros Gaming-optimized Snapdragon 888 Aggressive trade-in deals Smaller, trimmer design Newer One UI 3.1 software Cons No microSD slot No charger in the box The Galaxy S21 is a compact, affordable flagship with three great cameras and the latest One UI 3.1 software. The screen is better than ever, and with Samsung's current trade-in offers, you can grab the S21 for an unbeatable price. Even better value Samsung Galaxy S20 FE $600 at Amazon Pros Expandable microSD storage Optical 3x telephoto camera Retails for $100 less Larger battery Cons Older specs and software Less generous trade-in The S20 FE is a terrific phone at a great price, with many features as the newer S21. It's the most affordable option in the Galaxy S series, with a larger screen and plenty of great colors to choose from. When the Galaxy S20 FE launched last fall, it set a new standard for Samsung's affordable flagship lin

Check out some of the best 144Hz monitors you can get for your setup

If you're planning on getting the best 144Hz monitor for your PC, there are several options you can choose from. These monitors can update their visual content up to 144 times a second, more than twice what you get with regular 60Hz monitors. As a result, applications with fast-moving graphics (e.g., games) look a lot more fluid. They are also ideal for creative professionals like digital illustrators, who require color-accurate displays for their work. Our top choice is the ASUS TUF Gaming VG249Q. This monitor has a 23.8-inch display, and it even works with consoles such as PS5 and Xbox Series X. Best overall: ASUS TUF Gaming VG249Q Arguably the best 144Hz monitor out there, the ASUS TUF Gaming VG249Q boasts a laundry list of features. Its 23.8-inch FHD display comes with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and provides 100% coverage of the sRGB color gamut. The IPS panel delivers accurate colors and bright pictures, even when viewed from the sides. In addition to the 144Hz r

Stadia vs. Shadow: Which is the better game streaming service?

Game streaming Google Stadia Free w/ Stadia Base or $10/mo. at Google Pros Free tier allows access to free-to-play games Pro tier gives away games each month and discounts Additional hardware not necessarily required Available in more regions Cons Must buy or rebuy most games Catalog not as big as other gaming platforms Google Stadia is its own gaming platform that streams games to a variety of devices from the cloud. It works with a keyboard and mouse, touch controls, and Xbox and PlayStation controllers with a catalog of free-to-play and buyable games. Full PC in the cloud Shadow $30/mo. at Shadow Pros Works with owned games on Steam and other PC launchers Can use Photoshop and other high-end PC programs Cons Not available in all states and is limited internationally Expensive Shadow gives you a virtual desktop computer with its own specs to use for games or other PC programs at a flat fee each month. The play/workspace can be used on your computer,

Get your kid moving more and sleeping better with these fitness trackers

Fitness trackers (also known as activity trackers) are popular with adults who exercise regularly and those who simply want to get an idea of how many steps they take each day. While most fitness trackers are designed for grown-ups, a few are made specifically for kids. The idea isn't necessarily for fitness but more to help motivate kids to get active and have fun doing it. Many activity trackers for kids include even more fun features. But the best kids fitness tracker is definitely the Fitbit Ace 3 , which also happens to be the newest on the market. It strips things down to the basics with a simple design, reliable tracking of data, and intuitive app experience, making it the best option you can get for young ones. Best overall: Fitbit Ace 3 Ideal for kids aged 6-12, the Fitbit Ace 3 boasts two main upgrades over the previous-generation Ace 2: longer battery life at a rated eight days per charge and a greater selection of animated clock faces that change and do different t

Slack's new audio-only group chats wants to bring back casual office talk

Slack joins the audio-only club with its new Huddles feature. What you need to know Slack is introducing several new features to the communication platform. Huddles is an audio-only chat feature integrated into the UI for quick access to group chats. Media such as audio recordings and videos can be captured and shared within Slack with transcriptions and live captioning. Slack is rolling out several new tools to the telecommunication platform to help keep the work-from-home momentum going. The company hopes that its new features will help make working from home a more casual experience and even get rid of unnecessary scheduled meetings that maybe could have just been an email or a quick chat. Slack Huddles is Clubhouse for work The biggest addition to Slack is the new audio-group chat feature, Huddles. It allows users to start quick group chats with the press of a button, allowing anyone in a channel or DM to join. Slack says it designed Huddles to simulate informal conve

These are the best wireless chargers for wireless earbuds and smartwatches

Charging your true wireless earbuds usually involves placing them inside their included charging case, but how do you charge the case itself? Usually, it's via microUSB or USB-C cable, but wireless charging is often another option. As for charging your Android smartwatch , some models can be charged wirelessly. It's easy to place your wireless earbuds or smartwatch atop the charging surface, and you'll be ready to charge without wires. We've rounded up some of the best small wireless chargers for earbuds and smartwatches. Extra-long cable Ventev Wireless Charger Qi Chargepad+ Staff Pick This small, circular-shaped wireless charger offers rapid charging for most Qi-enabled devices. Place your wireless earbuds or smartwatch in the center, and it will charge up in no time. You'll love the stylish design that allows you to place it anywhere in the home, and it won't stick out like a sore thumb. It's MFi certified to work with Apple (7.5W) and Samsung (10W