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Get ready for the future with the best 5G phones you can buy today

New technology works best when everyone commits to it, and in 2021, 5G has gone from marketing hype to a legit feature. In other words, you'll want to find the best 5G phones to future-proof yourself. A ton of support from carriers and smartphone companies is going to flood the market with 5G-capable phones this year. 5G isn't everywhere (yet), but if you live in a place with a 5G network, these are the best 5G phones you can buy, although the Galaxy S21 Ultra tops our list. Best 5G Phone Overall: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the first proper flagship of 2021, and looking ahead, it'll be mighty hard for any company to dethrone the S21 Ultra as one of the best Android phones of the entire year. Samsung got so much right with this thing, and it all starts with the display. The S21 Ultra is packing a massive 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED panel that can hit a max resolution of 3200x1440. Unlike last year's S20 Ultra, you can run the display in that

This small yet powerful massage gun is 30% off MSRP today

Source: StackCommerce If fitness was part of your New Year's resolution, you might be dealing with sore muscles right now. The small yet powerful  MINIREX massage gun  helps speed up your recovery, and it's currently  just $139.99 . Unlike top athletes, most of us don't have 24-hour access to a physio. With MINIREX, you can fix the aches and pains yourself. This device measures just six inches long, but it's  even more effective  than a strong pair of hands. With four speeds to choose from and four different attachments, you can target every muscle group at the perfect intensity. The massage gun also has a long handle, allowing you to reach awkward spots. The MINIREX has a high stall force, which ensures you get the maximum effect in terms of circulation and tissue repair. It's also very quiet, and the rechargeable battery offers three hours of usage. According to  YouTube  fitness instructor Jason B., the MINIREX is: "a lot more aggressive (in a good

Should you upgrade from the Galaxy S20 to the S21?

The new hotness Samsung Galaxy S21 From $800 at Samsung From $800 at Amazon Pros Snappy new processor with better 5G The latest Samsung software Upgraded cameras Flat screen with 120Hz is easier to hold and use Get it for $100 with S20 trade-in Cons Plastic back Sidegrade in screen quality No more microSD slot Samsung is finally realizing that less is more, and nowhere is this lesson more apparent than a Galaxy S21 that aims for the average consumer's needs rather than playing to bleeding-edge spec hounds. There's also a nice visual update and support for standalone and mmWave 5G. Niche appeal Samsung Galaxy S20 $700 at Samsung Pros Higher resolution screen MST support in Samsung Pay microSD card support Glass back Cons It's not being sold new anymore Less 5G compatibility The Galaxy S20 was one of the best phones of last year, so if the incredible trade-in values don't lure you in, you can stick to a phone with great performance,

These small Android phones fit your hand and pocket perfectly

In just a few short years, big phones have gone from being an outlier to the norm in the smartphone industry. Just about every major device that's released these days has a larger physical size, and while that's great for watching movies and playing games, it can be a challenge for those of us that prefer our phones to be small and compact. Thankfully, there are still plenty of options out there — including the Google Pixel 4a as our top overall pick. If you're looking eagerly at that iPhone 12 mini but don't want to switch over to iOS, these are the best small Android phones you can buy. Best Overall: Google Pixel 4a Regardless of size, the Pixel 4a is just one of the best Android phones you can buy right now. It isn't the most technically impressive handset on the market, but the value on offer is tremendous. As you'd expect from any Pixel, the Pixel 4a takes incredible photos. Whether you're shooting in broad daylight or trying to take a picture o