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U.S. Government Sues Adobe for Hidden Termination Fees When Canceling Subscription

The United States Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission today levied a lawsuit against Adobe [ PDF ] for imposing a hidden termination fee on subscribers who want to cancel their Adobe plans. Adobe is accused of forcing subscribers to "navigate a complex and challenging cancellation process designed to deter them from cancelling subscriptions they no longer wanted." Adobe offers its Creative Cloud products on a subscription basis, with fees that are paid monthly. A monthly payment suggests that it's possible to cancel anytime, but that's not how Adobe works because most customers are actually locked into a hidden annual agreement. Customers who sign up for a free trial and are then charged and signed up to the default Creative Cloud plan, which is actually an annual contract. Canceling the annual contract requires customers to pay a lump sum of 50 percent of the "remaining contractual obligation" to cancel, despite the fact that servic

Apple Teases June 25 Beats Pill Unveiling

Apple appears to be planning to unveil its new Beats Pill speaker on Tuesday, June 25, according to a teaser shared on social media site X (formerly Twitter) today. The Beats by Dre account posted a short video starring LeBron James and featuring the Beats Pill speaker, with the text "6/25," which seemingly hints at the debut date of the device. Signs of a new Beats Pill speaker first surfaced in April when NBA superstar LeBron James was spotted carrying it in a photo . It was later spotted with F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo , soccer star Lionel Messi, and Kim Kardashian. 6/25. @KingJames @LilTunechi — Beats by Dre (@beatsbydre) June 17, 2024 Our first real look at the speaker came in May with images hidden in the iOS 17.5 beta , and since then, it has been spotted in multiple regulatory databases . While no official details have surfaced on the Beats Pill feature set, it has a pill-shaped design that's similar to the Beats Pill sp

iOS 18 Beta Notes Reveal More Changes for FaceTime, Siri, and Wallet

Apple shared iOS 18 beta release notes on its developer website last week, and they reveal some smaller changes related to FaceTime, Siri, and the Wallet app. iOS 18 is currently in beta for Apple Developer Program members, with a public beta to follow in July. The update should be widely released in September. FaceTime Apple says FaceTime will use more data in Low Power Mode on iOS 18 when network conditions are good, for improved video call quality. Siri iOS 18 includes a new setting that can "significantly" improve Siri's audio quality in Bluetooth-enabled vehicles that lack CarPlay, according to Apple. The new option can be found in the Settings app under Siri → Siri Responses → "Respond over Media Source." The description for this setting says that "Siri will respond over A2DP car stereos, which is ideal while listening to media from your phone." Wallet As noted by Nicolás Álvarez , the notes indicate that users adding an ID to

Best Buy Takes $200 Off M1 iPad Air and $100 Off iPad Mini 6

Today we're tracking a pair of deals on Apple's sixth-generation iPad mini and fifth-generation iPad Air , which are available on Best Buy and Amazon. Both of these sales are notable for having nearly every model of each tablet on sale right now, with as much as $200 off select models. Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Best Buy. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running. Starting with the 64GB Wi-Fi M1 iPad Air, Best Buy has this model for $399.99 , down from $599.99. This is an all-time low price on this model of the 2022 iPad Air, and it's available in every color. You'll also find the 256GB Wi-Fi iPad Air on sale, as well as both cellular devices, one of which is only available on Amazon. $200 OFF 64GB Wi-Fi iPad Air for $399.99 $200 OFF 256GB Wi-Fi iPad Air for $549.99 $200 OFF 64GB Cellular iPad Air for $549.99 $200 OFF 256GB Cellular iPad Air for $699.99

iOS 18: These Apple Intelligence Features Won't Be Ready Until 2025

Apple is not expected to introduce its most significant Apple Intelligence features in September when ‌iOS 18‌ sees a public release. Instead, many will come alongside a Siri overhaul in a future ‌iOS 18‌ update that's set to be introduced in 2025. That doesn't mean Siri will not have any improvements when iOS 18 initially launches. According to Bloomberg 's Mark Gurman , Siri in iOS 18 will still have some "new bells and whistles" come September, including a new interface that glows a light around the edge of the screen, richer natural language capabilities that will allow Siri to understand you even if you stumble over your words, a greater knowledge of Apple products to power on-device support, and a Type to Siri option for entering queries via text. But according to Gurman, we will have to wait until next year to see Apple's most significant enhancements to Siri. An iOS 18 update in 2025 should bring with it the following improvements to Apple's v

Apple Developing Thinner MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, and iPhone

Apple intends to slim down the MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, and iPhone, with the new ultra-thin M4 iPad Pro a sign of the company's new design trajectory, according to Bloomberg 's Mark Gurman. When the M4 iPad Pro was unveiled last month, Apple touted it as the company's thinnest product ever, and even compared it to the 2012 iPod nano to emphasize its slim dimensions. Writing in the latest edition of his Power On newsletter , Gurman says that like the iPad Pro, Apple is now focused on delivering the thinnest possible devices across its lineups without compromising on battery life or major new features. Gurman writes that the new iPad Pro is the "beginning of a new class of Apple devices," and that Apple's aim is to offer "the thinnest and lightest products in their categories across the whole tech industry." Apple now reportedly has its sights on making thinner versions of iPhone, Apple Watch, and MacBook Pro over the next couple of years.

Kuo: Apple Watch Series 10 to Get Larger Screen and Thinner Design

This year's Apple Watch Series 10 will be thinner and come in larger screen sizes than previous models, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo . In his latest industry note shared on Medium , Kuo said the screen size options on the next-generation Apple Watch will increase from 41mm to 45mm, and from 45mm to 49mm, while being encased in a thinner design. As for Apple Watch Ultra, Kuo said it will remain "roughly the same" this year, although if production yields meet expectations, a new dark/black case color option could be made available. Apple will also start using 3D printing technology to manufacture Apple Watch components later this year, following extensive testing which has significantly improved the production efficiency. Kuo said BLT will be the supplier of 3D-printed components. Bloomberg previously reported that the 2024 Apple Watch could be labeled the " Apple Watch X " to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Apple Watch, but Kuo made no

iOS 18 Gains Emergency SOS Live Video Support

iOS 18 is giving iPhone users who find themselves in an emergency situation a way to provide more information and context to emergency responders with an update to Emergency SOS. Emergency SOS now supports live video, which means once the SOS feature is activated, streaming video and recorded media can be sent to emergency personnel. Emergency dispatchers can send a request for a user to share either live video or a video from the camera roll, which Apple says should make it easier and faster to get help. Video is sent over a secure connection to the emergency dispatcher. The option could allow those in emergency situations to send key information for location purposes, to assess injury or risk, or to be used as evidence at a later date. Emergency SOS is a feature on the ‌iPhone‌ and Apple Watch that automatically calls the local emergency number and shares location information with emergency services. It is the backbone of the Crash Detection, Fall Detection, and Emergency SO

You Can Select a Preferred Home Hub in iOS 18

The Home app in iOS 18 allows HomeKit users who have more than one device that serves as a home hub to select which one should be used as the preferred hub. It is a small but useful change because it prevents ‌HomeKit‌ from choosing a hub that is further away from most ‌HomeKit‌ products or that has a weaker connection. In iOS 17 and earlier, there has been no way to select a home hub, and ‌HomeKit‌ has picked randomly. That can lead to connectivity issues in some situations. For those who do not care about which home hub ‌HomeKit‌ selects, Automatic Selection remains an option. The Apple TV and the HomePod are able to serve as home hubs, but the option to set a preferred hub seems to be limited to the ‌Apple TV‌ as of right now, because Apple has not yet provided a ‌HomePod‌ beta to developers. Image from Reddit Other features coming in ‌HomeKit‌ include Customize Access for managing how and when people access devices like alarm systems, door locks, and garage door open

Japan Passes Law to Allow Third-Party App Stores on the iPhone

New legislation in Japan requires Apple to allow third-party app stores and payment providers on the iPhone . The Japanese parliament has passed the Act on Promotion of Competition for Specified Smartphone Software, a law that compels Apple to allow access to third-party app stores and payment providers on devices that run iOS. The legislation, which was passed by Japan's upper house and will be enforced following Cabinet approval within the next eighteen months, seeks to curb the dominance of major tech firms like Apple in the smartphone market. The law requires Apple to make several significant changes to its business practices. The company will have to permit third-party app stores on its devices, just like it does in the EU. App developers will be allowed to use third-party payment services. There are also provisions to allow users to change default settings via new choice screens during setup, such as for selecting a default browser. Apple will be forbidden from giving

The Talk Show Live From WWDC 2024 Now Available on YouTube

Update: While the video was briefly available, it has now been set to private due to a minor issue. The Talk Show Live host John Gruber said the video should return in a matter of hours , so bookmark this page and check back later! The Talk Show Live From WWDC 2024 is now available to watch on YouTube. Daring Fireball 's John Gruber discussed Apple Intelligence and other WWDC announcements with Apple's software engineering chief Craig Federighi, marketing chief Greg Joswiak, and AI/machine learning head John Giannandrea in front of a live audience. We will embed the video again when it is available again. The on-stage interview took place on Tuesday evening at the California Theatre in San Jose, California, and it ran for nearly two hours. Related Roundup: WWDC 2024 Related Forum: Apple, Inc and Tech Industry This article, " The Talk Show Live From WWDC 2024 Now Available on YouTube " first appeared on Discuss this article in our forums

iOS 18 Adds More Control Over Adaptive Audio on AirPods Pro 2

Apple's second-generation AirPods Pro have an Adaptive Audio feature that includes Adaptive Noise Control, Personalized Volume, and Conversation Awareness, which are all features that adjust sound and Active Noise Cancellation in response to the environment around you. Right now, Adaptive Audio is an all or nothing setting, but that's set to change in iOS 18 . Apple added a "Customize Adaptive Audio" menu that lets you adjust the setting to allow for more or less noise. When the ‌AirPods Pro‌ 2 with the latest beta firmware are connected to an iPhone running ‌iOS 18‌, you can open up the AirPods section of the Settings app to see a new Adaptive Audio section. Tapping into it presents a slider bar where you can adjust Adaptive Audio for Less Noise or More Noise, impacting the Adaptive Audio settings. The feature will mostly apply to Adaptive Noise Control, a feature that blends Transparency and Active Noise Cancellation. It is designed to tweak the level of n

Your iPhone 15 Can Show the Time When It's Out of Battery in iOS 18

The iPhone has had a Power Reserve function that holds back a small amount of battery life to allow features like Find My and NFC unlocking to work even when your device has died, and in iOS 18 , Apple seems to be improving the feature further for the iPhone 15 models. As demonstrated on Reddit, when the battery on an ‌iPhone‌ running ‌iOS 18‌ is exhausted, the phone can continue to show the time in the upper left corner of the device, which is a small but useful upgrade. The battery icon still shows up, and you'll see "‌iPhone‌ is Findable" while reserve battery is left. It appears that this feature is limited to the ‌iPhone 15‌ models. We tested on an iPhone 14 Pro Max and were not ale to get the time to show up, but it did work as expected with an iPhone 15 Pro Max. Power Reserve has been a feature on iPhones dating back to the ‌iPhone‌ XR and ‌iPhone‌ XS, so it's not clear what the limiting factor is in terms of showing the time on display when the b

Apple Maps Rivals AllTrails on iOS 18 With New Hiking Features in U.S.

Just months after naming AllTrails the iPhone App of the Year in 2023 , Apple has added new hiking features of its own to the Maps app on iOS 18. Apple Maps users in the U.S. can browse thousands of hikes across all 63 national parks in the country, filtered by length, elevation, and route type. Users can also create and save their own custom walking and hiking routes, with one-way, out-and-back, and loop routing options to choose from where available. Apple Maps added topographic maps on the Apple Watch with watchOS 10 last year, and these maps are now available on the iPhone too with iOS 18. Topographic maps and hikes can be saved for offline access with turn-by-turn voice guidance. These features are mostly limited to the U.S., but topographic maps are also available in Japan, according to fine print on Apple's website . Here is how Apple describes all of the features: Apple Maps introduces even more ways to explore the world, including hikes and custom walking routes.

iOS 18's Battery Section Tells You If You Used a Slow Charger

Apple updated the Battery section of the Settings app in iOS 18 to add a feature that lets you know if you charged your iPhone with a "slow" charger. Periods of slow charging are shown with an orange bar in the portion of the Battery settings that show battery usage and charging over the past 24 hours or the past 10 days. We saw the slow charging notice after charging with a 5W wireless charger, as did a Redditor who highlighted the feature. It's not clear what exactly is considered "slow," but the designation is useful for those who are seeing slow charging speeds and aren't sure why. Image via Reddit Many wireless chargers claim to be MagSafe while being limited to Qi speeds or below, so this feature could help ‌iPhone‌ users understand why their devices aren't charging at optimum speed. There does not appear to be an option to enable an alert when charging from a slow charger, which could be an arguably better feature because the battery

Video: iOS 18's Best Features

Since there was so much to take in at yesterday's WWDC keynote event, we thought we'd revisit iOS 18 and highlight some of the most exciting features that Apple introduced. Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos. Note that we've left out Apple Intelligence, which is what Apple is calling the AI features that it plans to add. Apple Intelligence will be limited to Apple's newest iPhones, but the features we've listed will be available on older iPhones, too. Check out our video and let us know what your favorite iOs 18 feature is in the comments below. Related Roundup: iOS 18 Related Forums: iOS 18 , iPadOS 18 This article, " Video: iOS 18's Best Features " first appeared on Discuss this article in our forums Source: TechRadar

macOS Sequoia Includes Wallpaper With Classic Mac Graphics

macOS Sequoia has a fun new Macintosh dynamic wallpaper and screensaver combination that highlights classic Mac icons. Basic Apple Guy shared some high resolution screenshots of the new wallpaper, which can be used on other Apple devices. On device, the Macintosh wallpaper animates and shifts through different retro graphics, with color options that include Spectrum, Accent, Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, Dark Gray, Gray, Green, Orange, and Random. Macintosh isn't the only new ‌macOS Sequoia‌ wallpaper, with Apple also adding "Helios," which is featured in ‌macOS Sequoia‌ marketing materials and Apple images. Helios animates with a gradient design. To see the wallpapers in their full glory, ‌macOS Sequoia‌ is required. The operating system update is available to developers right now, with a public release scheduled for the fall. Related Roundup: macOS Sequoia Related Forum: macOS Sequoia This article, " macOS Sequoia Includes Wallpaper With Classic Mac Grap

iOS 18 Brings New Insights, Widgets, and Health Integration to Apple's Journal App

iOS 18 introduces a host of new features for the iPhone ’s Journal app, including an all-new insights view, advanced search and sort functionalities, and integration with the Health app. The all-new insights view offers a comprehensive overview of journaling activities. This includes tracking writing streaks, displaying a calendar with existing entries, and providing fun statistics that encourage users to write more frequently. The updated Journal app now includes advanced search and sort functionalities. Users can easily locate specific entries and organize their journal for easier accessibility. Time spent journaling can now be recorded as mindful minutes and users can log their state of mind directly within the Journal app. Apple has introduced new widgets for the Journal app, available on both the Home Screen and Lock Screen. These widgets allow users to quickly start a new entry, view their current streaks, and receive writing prompts throughout the day. The Journal a

iOS 18 Introduces More Charging Limit Options on iPhone 15 Models: 85%, 90%, and 95%

All four iPhone 15 models feature a setting that prevents the devices from charging beyond 80% while toggled on, which can potentially improve an iPhone battery's lifespan by reducing the time that the battery is fully charged. And with iOS 18, Apple has taken this feature a step further by adding new 85%, 90%, and 95% charging limit options. Screenshot: Aaron Perris The feature can be found in the Settings app under Battery → Charging. The charging limit feature remains exclusive to the iPhone 15 lineup on the first iOS 18 beta, with the option not found on the iPhone 14 Pro or older. The first iOS 18 beta is now available for Apple Developer Program members, and a public beta will follow in July. Following beta testing, the update should be widely released to all users with an iPhone XS or newer in September. Related Roundup: iOS 18 This article, " iOS 18 Introduces More Charging Limit Options on iPhone 15 Models: 85%, 90%, and 95% " first appeared on MacRum

WWDC 2024 Spoiler-Free Video Stream

Apple's WWDC 2024 begins today, with the event kicking off at 10:00 am Pacific Time via the traditional opening keynote. We know that some MacRumors readers who can't follow the event as it's being broadcast are interested in avoiding all of the announcements and waiting until the event video is available for on-demand viewing so as to experience it without already knowing the outcome. For those individuals, we've posted this news story, which will be updated with a direct link to the presentation once it becomes available from Apple. No other news stories or announcements will be displayed alongside this story. Replays of Apple's recent events have been made available to view almost immediately following the conclusion of the broadcasts, and we expect similar timing for today's event. Users waiting for the video to be posted are welcome to gather in the thread associated with this news story, and we ask that those who follow the events as they occur re