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Samsung's athlete gift bag for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is pretty awesome

It makes me want to get in on the Olympic Games myself. What you need to know Samsung is giving athletes gift bags for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The gift bag includes a new smartphone, wireless earbuds, a pen, and a case. Samsung has been a long-time partner of the Olympics. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is underway, and as one of the event sponsors, Samsung is providing gift bags for competing athletes. One athlete just showed off the goodies in a TikTok video, and it's quite the generous package. British slalom canoeist Bradley Forbes-Cryans took to his social media to show off the Samsung Galaxy S21 Tokyo 2020 Athlete Phone, a limited version of the Galaxy S21 with an exclusive colorway and official Olympic branding. Besides the new color and branding, it's largely the same phone running the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 In addition to receiving one of the best Android phones on the market, athletes are also receiving the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro with a separate white case

How to watch skateboarding at the Tokyo Olympics online from anywhere

Skateboarding is one of five new sports that will be introduced at this year's Tokyo Olympics and we have all the details on how you can watch all of the street and park events on TV or online. All of the skateboarding events at the Tokyo Olympics will be held at the Ariake Urban Sports Park in Tokyo Japan. The park features both a street course that is designed to represent real street terrain and is made up of stairs, rails, gaps, benches and ledges as well as a park course that is based on traditional concrete bowls and the transitions range from five to ten feet in height. However, the park course also contains spines, hips, extensions, banks and gaps. A total of 20 men and 20 women will compete in both the street and park events. These skateboarders will compete in four heats of five minutes and the top eight skaters from the combined ranking of the heats will progress to the finals. During the finals, the top eight skaters will each get two 45 second runs though they

Giphy's new Spotify integration is the partnership no one asked for

Spotify and Giphy make an unlikely pair. What you need to know Spotify has partnered with Giphy to integrate the music service into the GIF platform. Select artists will feature direct links to their Spotify pages on Giphy. Artists include Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd, and more. Spotify announced a partnership with Giphy this week to bring music to your favorite GIFs, in a move that may leave some scratching their heads. Thanks to the new partnership, whenever you search for a GIF from select music artists, you'll have the opportunity to jump straight into their Spotify page to a listening session. "No matter how you pronounce it, GIFs are the ultimate visual metaphor," Spotify said in its announcement . "And now, thanks to a partnership with Spotify and Giphy, music can be part of the equation." Selecting a GIF from an artist's verified Giphy profile will display a tag underneath the GIF that will prompt you to listen to the artists, and

Track your workouts anywhere with the best fitness smartwatches

If you consider yourself an active individual and you're searching for the best Android smartwatch to meet your fitness needs, there are several options to pick from. The Garmin Vivoactive 4 is one of the best fitness smartwatches, which comes with key features such as GPS, music storage, full waterproofing, and even NFC for Garmin Pay. It's as fully featured of a smartwatch and fitness tracker that you'll find, so it might be exactly what you're looking for. Best overall: Garmin Vivoactive 4 Announced late last year, the Garmin Vivoactive 4 is one of the company's newest smartwatches to hit the market. It's got some significant improvements when compared to its predecessor, like new on-screen workouts, two size options, and music storage is now standard. Admittedly, these are some significant upgrades, but they come at a cost. If you can get past the hefty price tag, it's a phenomenal fitness smartwatch that will track your every move. It's al

Nokia's Smart Lighting brings a little European style to your smart home

Bridging the gap between traditional and smart home controls. What you need to know Nokia and SmartLabs have teamed up to create the first Nokia Smart Lighting line of products. Options include switches, keypads, outlets, and a wireless bridge for offline control. Nokia Smart Lighting controls are designed to bridge the gap between traditional and smart devices and begin shipping in September. Nokia, of all companies, is delving into the smart home space in a rather unique and interesting way with the eponymous Nokia Smart Lighting line. Instead of jumping into the rather crowded space of best smart lights , Nokia is partnering with SmartLabs to create smart switches that bridge the gap between physical and digital controls. Essentially, Nokia Smart Lighting is designed to make existing devices in your home smarter by replacing the switches that control them, enabling you to better control all of your devices without completely replacing them. The full product line include

Google's 'about this result' panel can now help you get more out of Search

The panel will now provide insight on Google's search algorithm and why you got those specific results. What you need to know Google has updated its "about this result" feature to show more information about search results to users. The updated tool now offers more context about the results that appear when you search for something. It is now rolling out in English in the U.S. Earlier this year, Google introduced a new Search feature called " about this result " to show information about a website in your search results from Wikipedia. Google has now updated the feature to allow users to show useful context about how Google returned the specific search results for their query. Starting today, users in the U.S. will see detailed information about the most important factors used by Google Search to connect results to their queries in the "about this result" panel. You can access the panel by tapping on the three dots next to search results o

Want to shut your phone up while catching some Z's? We can help.

Bedtime Mode is part of Google's Digital Wellbeing toolset, and it's available on most Android phones running Android 10 or higher. Bedtime mode is designed to help you fall asleep better and sleep better through the night. To do this, Bedtime Mode silences notifications and turns your screen to black and white. Alarms and important calls can still get through, but everything else can wait until morning. If that all sounds great, here's how to set it up. How to use the bedtime feature on your Google Pixel phone Go to Settings > Digital Wellbeing > Bedtime mode . The first time you tap bedtime mode, you'll go through a setup wizard. First choose the options you want to enable when bedtime mode is active. Tap Next . Set the times that are best for you. You can either choose a hard start time, or choose the option to start it while charging after a certain time. You can change either the start time or the end time by tapping on them and taping the

These are the best games available on the Oculus Quest 2

We've rounded up the best Oculus Quest 2 games worth your time and money. Best Oculus Quest 2 games Shooters Music and rhythm Exercise Multiplayer Action Horror Family-friendly Strategy and board games Puzzles and relaxation Sports Oculus Link Among the several hundred games and apps on the Oculus Quest storefront, the majority of them cost between $10 and $40 while only offering about 3–5 hours of gameplay on average. Some find ways to pad their runtime, but the fact is, most Quest and Quest 2 games are short and sweet. How sweet is what matters, and there's no feeling worse than wasting your gaming budget for the month on a bad game that you finish in one afternoon. Android Central has a disproportionate number of VR fanatics who spend their leisure time blocking out reality with the Oculus Quest 2 — which does run on an Android OS, believe it or not. We've spent a lot of time testing out games, good and bad, to figure out which are the best Oculus