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Review: Govee Lyra Corner Floor Lamp paints your walls with light

Painting your walls can be labor-intensive and messy, but when you use a light capable of 16 million colors — it's so easy. For years, the idea of a light source in our homes was a light bulb that only turned on or off with the flick of a switch; that is no longer the case. In 2021, the range of lights for homes is extensive in both form and function — and Govee is at the forefront of pushing that innovation. Because of this, I was very excited to check out the Govee Lyra corner floor lamp. While Govee may not be the first name you may think of when it comes to smart lights, it's quickly becoming one that should. Though Govee does make some products that skew traditional in design, the company is pushing this sector forward with unique products like the Govee Immersion TV backlight and the Govee Glide Wall Lights . From a technology standpoint, there are tons of excellent smart light bulbs that are in a traditional form-factor, to immersive lights for an incredible gaming

Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE review: Peace of mind comes at a cost

Safety and support for those epic training sessions and even more epic races. I've been slowly getting back into running after years of relative inactivity, and thankfully for me, this period of increased movement has coincided with the release of a number of awesome smartwatches and fitness trackers that I've been able to test out. Of course, I'm miles away from being an elite runner (literally and figuratively), but I nevertheless was excited to be assigned this Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE to review. To this day, I'm still learning and diving into the amazing number of training modes, metrics, and analyses that Garmin provides with its advanced fitness wearables, but what really intrigued me with this device was the new LTE option. Not because it has cellular connectivity — many smartwatches have this feature — but because it is unapologetically focused on safety, and that's pretty much it. Aside from a ton of fitness features, there are no unnecessary "sma

Lenovo Flex 5 (14") review: Ready to work hard and play not-so-hard

For $700, this checks all the boxes I want in a laptop. Finding a worthwhile Windows laptop under $1,000 can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. I've yet to find a Windows laptop under $400 that was dependable or operated at tolerable speeds, but the $500-$700 range has been getting better and better with each passing year. Most new Windows laptops in this range have a USB-C port — though not all can use it for anything more than a USB-C hub — they finally charge at a decent speed, and thanks to more efficient chipsets, battery and performance are good enough to actually consider using them as full-time machines. I'll be loath to give up my berloved Chromebooks anytime soon — they just work better for my writing and editing style — but for podcasting, light gaming, and just chilling on the couch swapping Loki theories on Reddit, the Lenovo Flex 5 (14") has surprised me by just how good it is as an overall laptop. At a glance Lenovo Flex 5 (14") Bottom line : Wi