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From the Editor's Desk: The Google Pixel 5a, explained

Why Google essentially building a '4a 5G Lite' would make sense, and what it could mean for the Pixel 6. The Google Pixel 5a is coming, and people have questions . Based on information and CAD renders leaked out by Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka OnLeaks ) this past week, it seems the 5a is going to look almost identical to the Pixel 4a 5G — a phone that might be barely seven months old by the time the 5a arrives. All of which makes the successor to one of the best cheap Android phones seem like a pretty confusing proposition. A glance down the spec sheet and a peek at the renders reveals a familiar 6.2-inch screen, dual rear cameras, rear fingerprint scanner, a hole-punch selfie camera and headphone jack. Only the dimensions are slightly different, with the 5a apparently being slightly chunkier than the 4a 5G. If you saw these renders out of context, you'd think you were looking at a Pixel 4a 5G. But this leak isn't as boring as you might think — and that's p

How to watch the 2021 Golden Globes online from anywhere

The 2021 awards season is kicking off with the 78th Golden Globe Awards and we have all the details on how you can watch the awards show on TV or online. After Ricky Gervais' controversial speech at last year's Golden Globes, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has decided to let Tina Fey and Amy Poehler take over the hosting duties for this year's show. This will be the comedic duo's fourth time hosting the Golden Globes after they did so from 2013 until 2015. Things will be a bit different this time around though as the show will be virtual with Poelher hosting from The Beverly Hilton Hotel in California and Fey hosting from the Rainbow Room at the top of Rockefeller Center in New York City. As a result, many of this year's nominees and winners will also be tuning in virtually to accept their awards though there will be some celebrity presenters at each location. While the Golden Globes are usually held at the beginning of January, this year's show w

Review: 4 months later, the Nest Audio is still a smart speaker champ

In the world of Assistant vs. Alexa, the Nest Audio makes Google's case nicely. Update, February 2021: Nest Audio, 4 months later It's important not to overthink what the Nest Audio is, or what it's trying to be. Google isn't; it was pretty clear about that fact during the product's introduction. It's a successor to the popular 2016 Google Home , the company's original air freshener-shaped cylindrical Google Assistant-powered speaker, which was released during a very different time in the company's hardware roadmap. It wasn't until the following year, in 2017, that the colorful, rounded-corner, fabric-covered aesthetic we know and love today was revealed in the forms of the Google Home Mini and Home Max , petite and portly versions of that original speaker designed to make the Google Assistant accessible to more home sizes, budgets, and audio enthusiasts. In the last couple of years, there has been no shortage of Google Assistant speakers r

How to watch The Walking Dead from anywhere online

Ahead of its 11th and final season which will air later this year, The Walking Dead is returning to AMC with six new bonus episodes and we have all the details on how you can watch them on TV or online. The post-apocalyptic zombie show based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard first premiered back in 2010. So far there have been 10 seasons of the Walking Dead and while season 10 was originally supposed to end after episode 16, AMC decided to extend it further with the release of six all-new episodes before season 11 premieres sometime this fall. The Walking Dead tells the story of sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) who wakes from a coma to discover that the world has been overrun by zombies. Grimes then travels to Atlanta where he finds his wife Lori, his son Carl and a group of other survivors. The first season of the show ended up being a hit and in the years since, Rick's group has holed up on

This dimmable TaoTronics desk lamp down to $43 has a Qi wireless charger

Sometimes it's nice to have just one device that accomplishes several different goals at once. You can get that in this TaoTronics LED desk lamp, which is on sale for $43.34 at Amazon . While there was a time in this lamp's life that it sold for around $50, it has been selling at $60 or more for most of the past year. Unfortunately, a lot of devices jumped in price in 2020 thanks to the global pandemic, but it's nice to see some of them coming back down. And today this lamp has come down to the second lowest price we've ever seen. The LED desk lamp has just a ton of different features. Let's talk about the lamp aspect first. It emits an even glow with flicker-free LED lights. There are five different customizable color temperature settings and five brightness settings so you can get the light just perfect for your mood or your environment. Create the ideal atmosphere for whatever you're doing. The lamp is also easily adjustable thanks to a rotating base an

The UE Hyperboom Bluetooth speaker has dropped to a new low price of $341

The UE Hyperboom portable Bluetooth speaker is the best big Bluetooth speaker around. For the first time since it came out in early 2020, it is on sale for $340.99 at Amazon . That's down from its usual price of $400. The sale price is also available at other retailers like Best Buy . Of course if you look in the wrong spot you'll actually find it going for way more than even its normal street price, like at Walmart where it's nearly $500. The Hyperboom is one of UE's newest speakers, and it's designed to be the big, bass-producing, music-blasting speaker that you need in a system that's still compact enough to be portable. You'll get loud, pristine sound mixed with Ultimate Ears technology that really helps boost the bass for a rich blend of audio no matter what music you prefer. You can connect up to four devices to the Hyperboom at once. Two of them can connect via Bluetooth. Then you can always add a third via the auxiliary port and a fourth via t

Here's how to save 50% on the upcoming Paramount Plus streaming service

Debuting March 4, Paramount Plus is quickly gearing up to compete with top streaming services like Netflix and Disney+. Just this past week, ViacomCBS announced a slew of exclusive TV series and films that will be premiering on Paramount Plus, from reboots of popular TV series like Rugrats and BET's The Game to series adaptations of Paramount films like The Italian Job and Grease , as well as new films like The Quiet Place II and Mission: Impossible 7 coming to the service 45 days after their theatrical release. Starting at $4.99 per month, the service is a rebrand of CBS All Access while offering even more content at $1 less per month for its base plan. Paying annually is always a better option at CBS All Access as you're able to save a bit extra on the total cost and won't have to worry about a monthly bill. Right now though, it's an even smarter way to join. Through March 3, you can get your annual subscription to Paramount Plus for only $29.99 when you us

Grab a pair of Plantronics Backbeat Fit 350 Bluetooth headphones for $40

We regularly watch for the best Bluetooth headphones under $50 , and the Plantronics Backbeat Fit 350 don't normally count because they regularly sell as high as $60 and even $80 at some retailers. Right now you can get these great Bluetooth headphones for $39.99 at Best Buy and while price-matched at Amazon . This is one of Best Buy's deals of the day, so you'll want to act fast before the price expires. Looking for an easy pair of headphones to take with you to the gym? That's what the Backbeat Fit 350 would be good for. They use Bluetooth 4.1 technology so you get low power consumption and no interuptions while you're streaming your favorite tunes. They pair simply and easily with any of your Bluetooth devices. You'll also get a six hour battery life that will last for up to 240 hours in standby mode, so you can toss them in your bag without needing to worry about recharging them before you hit the gym at the end of the day. You can count on them to sti

Here's how to measure you wrist for a smartwatch

When it comes to finding the best Android smartwatch , there are various factors you'll want to consider. For starters, you'll need to think about what features you want, what operating system you prefer, what design you're seeking, and what size smartwatch is best for your wrist. There are a few different ways to go about this. Your method of choice will depend on what watch you're interested in and what equipment you have available. Here are a few simple tips on how to measure your wrist for smartwatches. How to measure your wrist with a tape measure While most manufacturers will provide a general size range for the watch you're considering, you may have the option of buying bands in different sizes that will better accommodate your wrist. The best way to go about this is to use a fabric tape measure to figure out the circumference of your wrist. Some companies offer a printout guide that you can use in place of a tape measure. Wrap the tape measure arou

Why don't we see any more pop-up selfie cameras?

You can still find a few phones with pop-up selfie cameras, but don't hold out for this trend to make a comeback. Phone manufacturers have waged a war on bezels over the last four years, and the result is that even budget phones these days have ultra-thin bezels on all sides. Thin bezels mean you get a larger screen-to-body ratio, allowing brands to cram a larger screen without increasing the dimensions of the phone. For some context, the Galaxy S9+ had a 6.2-inch panel, and the Galaxy S21 offers the same screen size even though it is 6.4mm shorter. Xiaomi was the one to kick off this particular trend back in 2016 with the Mi Mix, which offered a 91.3% screen-to-body ratio. Xiaomi achieved this by changing the location of the front camera module to the bottom bezels, leading to an all-screen design. Brands have iterated on this formula; the Galaxy S8 and S9 series featured thin bezels at the top that hid the camera module, the ZenFone 5 and OnePlus 6 went the iPhone route

These are the best heavy duty cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

The Galaxy S21+ is in the sweet spot in Samsung's new lineup of flagship smartphones. As nice as the device is, though, if you want to keep it looking sweet, you're going to need a protective case. Here are the best heavy-duty cases that we could find for the Samsung Galaxy S21+. Which one is going to grace your Galaxy S21+? Best in class ArmadilloTek Vanguard Staff Pick It seems that we always have an ArmadilloTek case on our roundups these days, and that's for a good reason — the case manufacturer knows how to protect your smartphone. The Vanguard series is rated for twice the military drop-test standards, but it's thin enough to allow for wireless charging and NFC payments. Plus, it comes with a built-in kickstand. In addition to the matte black version, you can also find a bright, vibrant orange option. From $19 at Amazon First-party strong Samsung Rugged Protective Case If you like your industrial cases from the first-party manufacturer, you might wan