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iPhone 12 'a step behind' Android competition in 5G battery tests

The impact of 5G was also shown when compared to last year's 4G iPhone 11. What you need to know Tom's Guide has put the iPhone 12 through its paces in a new battery test. Unfortunately, the iPhone 12 seems to lag behind some of its Android competitors when it comes to 5G. Testing also revealed just how big an impact 5G will have on performance compared to last year. Testing of Apple's new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro has revealed that it may lag behind competing Android devices when it comes to battery life whilst using 5G. Fresh test results from Tom's Guide have brought the issue to light. From their report: We've run the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro through our battery test, and the results don't bring the best news. Compared to the Android competition, Apple's new phones are a step behind those devices on our best phone battery life list, especially over 5G networks. Here's how the Tom's Guide battery test works. It surfs the web

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