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Bosch wants to take fitness trackers to the next level with its new AI chip

Bosch's new AI chip can automatically detect your workout and even learn new ones. What you need to know Bosch has launched a new AI chip for fitness trackers that can automatically detect workouts as they're being performed. The new BHI260AP sensor can even learn new workouts based on user input. Since the AI is on the sensor, the information doesn't have to be bounced to the cloud. Working out may not have been as easy this year amid a global pandemic, but for those of you who try to keep up with your fitness routines amid the turmoil, or are just interested in getting into one, having the right fitness tech can really enhance the experience. It's always nice to be able to keep track of your workouts, whether it's a run or weightlifting. Bosch Sensortec designs sensors based on microelectromechanical (MEMS) systems used in products like VR headsets, drones, wearables, and more. The latest sensor, BHI260AP, aims to take fitness trackers a step further by