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Grab Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Elements 2020 on sale from just $50 today

Ahead of Black Friday , Woot is hosting a one-day sale on 2020 versions of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements discounting the software as low as $49.99. Considering each program goes for about $100 alone, you're saving half with these deals. You can go for either program alone for that price or get the double-pack for $74.99. Today's sale follows the recent release of the 2021 version and is for the disc-based version of the software so you'll have a physical copy shipped to you to be installed via a DVD drive. If you have some photos and videos you'd like to edit, but you don't really know how and don't know how to get started, then a program like this is perfect for you. It makes editing super easy. You'll find step-by-step guided edits that help you learn how to do anything you want with your photos and videos. That includes adding special effects like black and white or animated sky. There are 78 different Guided Edits that cover everyt

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