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The AirPods Pro are down to their lowest price EVER

When looking for the best wireless headphones , there's no doubt that you have to at least consider the AirPods Pro . These in-ear headphones from Apple offer some of the best noise cancelation you can find, along with transparency mode so you can have conversations when you need to. Black Friday is quickly approaching, and we are now seeing the lowest prices ever for the AirPods Pro. Normally, these are priced at $249.99, but have been more regularly found for around $200 as of late. But for Black Friday and to kick off the 2020 holiday shopping season, they are down to just $169. But you'll need to act fast, as they are likely to go out of stock rather quickly. The best from Apple AirPods Pro The AirPods Pro are not only the best headphones to come from the Apple side of the fence, but they are also a fantastic pair of Bluetooth earbuds for Android. Between the ANC, decent battery life, and Transparency Mode, these offer everything you could want in a set of truly-wire

Cheap Galaxy Buds Live deals: Save up to $35 on true wireless earbuds today

If you're on the hunt for true wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation that don't cost as much as the Apple AirPods Pro , you'll want to consider the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. These earbuds regularly sell for $169.99, though right now Woot has them on sale for $144.99 for just one day only. You can save an additional $10 on the purchase and drop the price to $134.99 by logging in with an Amazon Prime membership before checking out. That will even score you free shipping with your order. The new Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are equipped with 12mm speakers with sound by AKG. They sit softly inside the ear and feature active noise cancellation that lets you block out disturbances around you so you can truly focus on whatever's playing. There's even a setting that will let voices and announcements through so you can hear them even with the noise cancellation on. They're available in five colors — Mystic Black, Mystic Bronze, Mystic Red, Mystic Blue, and Mystic

How to clean AirPods and the AirPods Charging Case

Keep your AirPods looking as good as the day you bought them. The cases get scuffed in your pocket or bag, and then there's the matter of ear wax. Whatever the cause, those gorgeous AirPods of yours —and their charging cases —soon get dirty. Here's what to do about it. Maybe you see an iPhone 11 as a working tool, and you're not that fussed about keeping it looking shiny and new. You'll live with the finger marks on your iPad as well, because you can only see them when the screen is off, and it's never off. But you need, and want to keep those AirPods clean. After all, you're sticking them in your ears all the time. Those AirPods get mucky, and then you put them in their charging case, so that gets dirty too. You could buy a case for your AirPods , or indeed one for your AirPods Pro, but that's chiefly going to protect them from exterior scuff marks. Not ear wax. Fortunately, cleaning any edition of the AirPods , or their case, is not a long

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