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Sonos Move, the portable Alexa speaker, is $100 off right now on Amazon

The Sonos Move has dropped to $299 on Amazon from its original $399 price. This portable smart speaker produces excellent audio in a durable yet premium design. While the original price might have kept many of you audiophiles hesitant on pulling the trigger, this sizeable $100 price drop may be the deciding factor. The portable Sonos Sonos Move If you're looking for high-quality audio in a premium portable smart speaker, you're looking for the Sonos Move. The high price may have be a turn off to a lot of you, but with a $100 discount, it going to look a lot more reasonable. $299 $399 $100 off See at Amazon After persistent demands from its biggest fans for a high-quality set of battery-powered portable speakers, Sonos finally came out with the Sonos Move last year in 2019. While it's been more than a year since its release, the Sonos Move is still one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers you can buy today. The Move has a very Sonos-esque design with a semi-tran

These are the best Amazon Alexa Skills for your Echo or Fire device

Alexa Skills are like apps that make your Amazon Echo and Fire devices more powerful. The best Alexa Skills News and Entertainment Health and Fitness Food Productivity Smart Home Build Your Own If you have ever owned an Amazon Echo smart speaker or other Alexa-enabled devices, you're already familiar with the basic vocal commands that you can issue to Alexa and what the virtual assistant can do for you. You know that you can use Alexa to play music, get news bulletins and updates, control your smart home devices, and even set timers and reminders. However, while you may have heard about Alexa Skills, you may not really know how powerful they can be. Historically, it has been challenging to wade through the thousands of Alexa Skills to find useful ones, and even more difficult to remember which skills you'd already enabled... We've taken a lot of the guesswork out of finding great Alexa Skills and compiled them into this list for your quick and easy reference. T

Can you control your Nest devices with the help of Amazon Alexa?

Best answer: Yes, you can control Nest devices with Amazon Alexa, but you'll need to enable the proper Alexa Skill before getting started. Smarter temperature controls: Nest Learning Thermostat ($250 at Amazon) The latest Dot: Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) ($50 at Amazon) Nest works with Amazon Alexa but there are limitations Thanks to the wonderous world of Amazon Alexa Skills, it's actually possible for you to control some of your Nest devices with the help of Alexa. However, there are some limitations, as Amazon and Google have limited the types of devices that can be controlled with an Alexa-enabled spekaer. Currently, the only products that Amazon Alexa supports are Nest Cameras, video doorbells, and thermostats. That leaves out the ability to control other products like your Chromecast, or the recently-launched Nest Audio. Another limitation is that your "old" Nest Account must have been migrated to a traditional Google account. Those with G Suite acco

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