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Amazon Luna hands-on: Off to a (mostly) good start

Amazon's early access gaming service does a lot right. I think it's safe to say that cloud gaming isn't going anywhere any time soon. Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are three of the largest tech giants on the planet, and every one of them has invested ample resources into their own streaming efforts. Amazon is the most recent addition to the space, with its "Luna" platform being unveiled back in September. At first glance, Luna appears to right all of the wrongs that Stadia encountered during its launch. It has a lower monthly price (at least for now), it's available on much more hardware right out of the gate, and you get instant access to over 100 titles that you don't have to pay extra for. To actually use the service, how does all of that hold up? I've been using Luna for the past few days as part of the invite-only beta program, and while there certainly are areas that I'd like to see improved by the time it fully launches, it's alread

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