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Samsung One UI 3.0 (Android 11): All the new features you need to know

Samsung's next big version update is now in a closed beta — and a public beta will be available shortly. Samsung is getting ready to show off the next version of One UI. The Android 11-based One UI 3.0 public beta is now live in Korea and the U.S., so if you're interested in taking a look at all the new features on offer, you can install the beta build right away.The One UI 3.0 beta is limited to the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 series, and Samsung will make the beta available in more markets around the world shortly. The One UI 3.0 beta includes interesting new features and subtle tweaks to the UI, with Samsung adding meaningful features throughout the interface.Here's what you need to know about the One UI 3.0 beta, the list of eligible phones slated to receive the stable update, and when you'll get the OTA update on your Galaxy phone.The default choiceSamsung Galaxy S20+$1190 at AmazonA great all-round optionThe Galaxy S20+ is one of the best phones on the market today, …

The most important Android 11 features so far

We only have an Android 11 Developer Preview so far, but we can still make a list of the most notable new features in that preview. Check it out here!
The very first Android 11 Developer Preview landed earlier today. This is our first look at the next version of Android, which won’t land in a stable form until the third quarter of the year.

The Developer Preview landing this early is pretty notable as most DPs usually land in March. The reasoning behind this move likely has to do with just how developer-focused Android 11 is at the moment. Most of the changes within the system are not user-facing but could have a dramatic impact on existing and upcoming Android apps.

As such, installing Android 11 on your own phone right now might not be too worth it. There will be a lot of bugs and most of the new features you won’t even see. Though, there are a few new user-facing features like a native screen recorder, chat bubbles, and more.
Native screen recording: Google has been toying around wit…

Android 11 Developer Preview 1: Top new features [Video]

The next big installment in our favorite smartphone operating system is coming and we have been delving into “Android 11 Developer Preview 1” to figure out what might be the top new features of the eleventh OS iteration.

As we saw with the first wave of Android 10 — formerly Q — builds last year, there are some notable and highly requested features being added right off the bat, with preparation already in place for a flurry of upcoming features in potential future builds.

Not all of the new software additions will work with every Pixel phone out there. And because of dropped support, the OG Pixel is unable to even install the latest developer preview. Despite some things that might not be fully compatible with all models, we’ve still done a deep dive into the preview to give you an indication of some of the very best new features that come as part of Android 11.

Naturally, some of you might be eager to download this first taste of Android 11 and enjoy some new features. We definitel…

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