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Now you can have the design of Apple Watch Wear your watch on Android

In March , Google announced Android Wear,   a project that extends the mobile operating system to take over the company , starting with support for specific watches. A number of major brands have already used wear their watches , and some developers even let you create your own custom Android sphere of wear. In fact , WearFaces is one such service , which allows you to customize your SmartWatch , either a Gear Samsung , LG G or Moto 360 .   To help demonstrate this customization , WearFaces has launched the PEAR watchfaces for Android that are , erm , 100 % original and bears zero resemblance to another product tech fruity . Someone has already created a design style clock on your Apple Moto 360 also .   WearFaces has created a round and square versions of the design to meet different clocks based on Android and can be downloaded from here . It is worth noting that this is only one face of the watch - the icons a