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Google Play listing shows how you'll pay on Android Wear

Google is hoping the release of Android Wear 2.0 will push more people toward smartwatches, and one of the key pillars of that strategy is Android Pay.  Ahead of the launch, it has (perhaps accidentally) released some screenshots on the Play Store that show how it'll work and look. At supported retailers with an Android Pay or contactless logo, you simply hold your NFC-equipped Android Wear watch next to the terminal until it's approved. It'll then detail the latest transaction in a list, and you can scroll to see your recent history. In other words, you'll get the ability to pay like a boss from your wrist instead of digging around for your phone, a feature Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S3 Watch users have had for a while now. However, there's a catch -- your smartwatch must have an NFC chip, and no current models do, so current owners are out of luck. Thanks to a leak, however, we know that LG and Google are set to release two models, the L

Now you can have the design of Apple Watch Wear your watch on Android

In March , Google announced Android Wear,   a project that extends the mobile operating system to take over the company , starting with support for specific watches. A number of major brands have already used wear their watches , and some developers even let you create your own custom Android sphere of wear. In fact , WearFaces is one such service , which allows you to customize your SmartWatch , either a Gear Samsung , LG G or Moto 360 .   To help demonstrate this customization , WearFaces has launched the PEAR watchfaces for Android that are , erm , 100 % original and bears zero resemblance to another product tech fruity . Someone has already created a design style clock on your Apple Moto 360 also .   WearFaces has created a round and square versions of the design to meet different clocks based on Android and can be downloaded from here . It is worth noting that this is only one face of the watch - the icons a

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