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6 things Apple stole from Android at WWDC— and one that Google should steal

Every year, Apple and Google trade ideas for their newest versions of iOS and Android, respectively. But this year, during Apple's WWDC 2021, it seems like Apple purloined more than a few ideas that Google's integrated into Android over the last few years. Millions of iOS users won't get their hands on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 until later this year, so until then, we don't know until then how the new features will fare in the real world. For now, here's a tongue-in-cheek look at six features Apple, um, borrowed from Android with its latest software releases. Jump to: iPad widgets and app drawer Live Text Apple Maps AR navigation iOS notifications New Siri capabilities Apple Photos Bonus: What Google needs to steal iPad widgets and app drawer iPad OS 15 introduced two big new updates for the iPad home screen today: widgets and the App Library. If you think this sounds awfully familiar, there's a good reason for that. 2020's iOS 14 introduced both

Apple pays out millions in compensation to student after iPhone repair facility shared her explicit personal images online

  Apple has settled a case with a 21-year-old student after she sent her iPhone to a repair facility in 2016 only to find that employees had uploaded personal explicit images and videos to her Facebook account from the phone during the repair process. The student had sent in her iPhone to Apple to get repaired. The invasion of privacy ultimately took place at a repair center in California, run by Pegatron, an Apple contractor. The Telegraph reports Apple paid out millions in settlement compensation. Apple prides itself on its commitments to privacy and data security. Unfortunately, in this instance, those priorities were not upheld at its contractor’s facility. About 10 images and videos from her personal on-device photo library were shared online by the repair technicians. The lawsuit was suing Apple for invasion of privacy and infliction of emotional distress. The employees involved were fired. While it was being fixed, the two technicians posted “10 photos of her in various stages o

Are rumors true that Apple will release a new iPod Touch? We sure hope so!

Apple is rumored to launch a new iPod Touch later this year, but why? The rumor mill has been buzzing that Apple is gearing up to release a new iPod Touch this fall to celebrate 20 years since the iPod lineup launched. That may not sound too exciting for many, especially since most people own smartphones that can do more or less the same thing as an iPod Touch, but with the bonus of a cellular modem. However, I think it's a great idea for Apple to launch a new model. And even though I'm an Android kinda guy, a new iPod Touch is something that I've wanted for years . I'll start by saying that I've never owned an iPhone and probably never will. That said, I've owned quite a few iPod Touch models, up until the 6th-generation, which was released in 2015. As the iPhone and iPad exploded, the iPod line waned in relevance, especially since most of the line was dropped in 2017, leaving the iPod Touch to fend for itself. And even then, any updated versions only recei

Black iPhone 13 Pro will reportedly be a lot darker than Graphite and Space Grey Apple products

Back in March, it was reported that the iPhone 13 Pro lineup would include a matte black color option and the same sources are now back with more details. In a new video, YouTuber Filip Koroy shares with us a couple of exclusives about the iPhone 13 series. The intel comes from leaker Max Weinbach. The iPhone 13 will allegedly come in a black hue that would be much darker than iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max's Graphite paintjob. To give us a sense of the shade, the video says it will be close to the Hex color code 121212. The Space Grey color offered for iPads and MacBooks is the darkest hue available on Apple devices right now and iPhone 13's Pro's black colorway is seemingly going to be even darker. According to previously reported information, the option will be borderline black and it will have a matte finish. The Pro models are also rumored to feature a new stainless steel coating to reduce smudges and fingerprints. Apple always offers a black or near-black iPhone

Apple TV arrives on the NVIDIA Shield and other Android TV devices

NVIDIA announced it first, but it's coming to all Android TV devices. What you need to know The Apple TV app is now available on Android TVs. It brings access to exclusives like Ted Lasso and Home Before Dark. On the NVIDIA Shield, the Apple TV app supports both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. The Apple TV app is now available on Android TV platform via the Google Play Store . While it was announced to be coming specifically to NVIDIA Shield devices, a Google spokesperson confirmed to Android Central that "starting today, the Apple TV app is rolling out to the Android TV OS ecosystem." The Apple TV app had made its first appearance on the Chromecast with Google TV but was promised to be coming to other Android TV devices in the future. Now that it's here, it brings access to popular Apple TV Original shows as Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, and others. It also makes using an Apple TV+ subscription in an Android household more feasible. You'll also be able

Concept dreams up the Apple Pro Mouse with reversible design, ‘Taptic Sidebar,’ more

While Apple works on the next-gen Mac Pro , a new concept imagines what a redesigned and improved mouse might look like to go along with it. The “Apple Pro Mouse” features a reversible design, improved ergonomics, “Taptic Sidebar” for custom gestures, and even the ability to use it while charging! Vincent Lin shared the Apple Pro Mouse concept on Behance saying the Magic Mouse is “beautiful” but has a lot of room to improve. Introducing Pro Mouse – A perfect shape of ergonomic design for both hands and revolutionary interacting gesture. Beyond coming in space gray, the Apple Pro Mouse concept blends the minimalist design of the Magic Mouse with the ergonomics found on mice like Logitech’s MX Master series. But taking that further, the concept shows the Pro Mouse with a reversible design to make it work for both right and left-handed users. Evolving on the functionality of the Magic Mouse, Pro Mouse borrows from the Magic Trackpad and the iPhone’s Taptic Engine for the Taptic Sidebar

Jony Ive Was Involved in the New M1 iMac Design, Despite Leaving Apple in 2019

Despite leaving the company in 2019 , Apple's former chief design officer, Jony Ive, helped design the new 24-inch iMac , according to an excerpt from Wired's review of the new desktop computer. Jony Ive famously left Apple in 2019 to form his own independent design company, which would have Apple as one of its clients. During his tenure at Apple, Ive oversaw the development and design of revolutionary products, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook, and the ‌iMac‌. Apple confirmed to Wired that Ive did indeed work on the new ‌iMac‌ but stopped short of confirming or denying whether his own firm, LoveFrom, aided Apple in designing the computer after he left the company. But Apple has another reason to reference this old campaign. Jony Ive was involved in the design of this new ‌iMac‌, despite having left Apple back in 2019. Hardware design is a long process, so perhaps it’s not surprising that Ive’s fingerprints are all over this new desktop. But, interestingly, Apple woul

Apple Watch Series 3 has become a white elephant for Apple

The Apple Watch Series 3 is becoming a problem for Apple. Updating the smartwatch is getting messier and messier but, at the same time, having a $199 Watch option is an incredible deal for a brand like Apple. So what the company should do about the Apple Watch Series 3? A few weeks ago, 9to5Mac ’s Filipe Espósito said Apple should discontinue the 2017 Apple Watch Series 3 because it’s become “nearly impossible to install watchOS updates on Series 3 without having to restore the entire device first.” And he is right. He also points out that the Series 3 has also become a problem to developers: In addition to not delivering the experience users expect, Series 3 also upsets some developers who are forced to support the old display form factor in their apps — even if they no longer run reasonably well in terms of performance on Series 3. If the product can barely be updated without relying on tricks and advanced settings, why does Apple still sell it? And with Filipe’s question,

Apple Music will upgrade your audio at no extra cost, with some caveats

Android devices will miss out on some of the new Apple Music features. What you need to know Apple Music is introducing new lossless music tiers for Hi-Fi audio. Support for Dolby Atmos and spatial audio is also included in the upcoming update, exclusive to Apple devices. The new features will arrive in June at no extra cost to Apple Music subscribers. Following last week's leak of Apple's upcoming "Lossless" audio tier, the company has officially announced that Hi-Fi audio is coming to over 75 million Apple Music tracks next month. The new Lossless audio tier will be available to Apple Music subscribers at no additional cost, giving them access to up to 24-bit audio at 48kHz using Apple's ALAC codec. There's also a Hi-Resolution Lossless tier for playback at 192kHz, although it'll require an external DAC. Subscribers will be able to change their Apple Music playback quality by navigating to Settings > Music > Audio Quality. Additionally,

Amazon Music HD follows Apple in offering free lossless upgrade

Amazon Music HD is now available at no additional cost to Amazon Music subscribers. What you need to know Amazon just made HD sttraming the deault for its music streaming service. The company will no longer charge $5 extra for acess to HD and Ultra HD quality audio. It's rolling this change out today to subscribers in U.S., UK, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, and Spain. Amazon today announced an upgrade to its Amazon Music streaming service, expanding its main Amazon Music HD service to all Amazon Music subscribers at no extra cost. The update will go live from today and bring in more than 70 million lossless HD songs which Amazon says are streamed at CD quality. Of those 70 million-plus songs, Amazon says 7 million of them are available in Ultra HD, or better than CD quality. Aside from these improvements in quality, the company will also offer songs available in 3D Audio formats like Doby Atmos and Sony360RA. Amazon did not expand on how many songs were available under

Want an Apple Watch but... don't? Check out these alternatives!

For some, the Apple Watch is considered the gold standard of smartwatches, but whether it is or not makes no difference to Android users who couldn't use it even if they wanted to. The best Apple Watch alternative for Android users that stands out from the pack is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 because of its balanced functionality and stylish design that caters to a wider subset of users. There are plenty of other options worth exploring, too. Best Overall: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 After focusing for over a year on the Active models in its Galaxy Watch lineup, Samsung came back this year with a newer premium design. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 offers a slimmer frame and while it's not quite as small as the Active models, there are 41mm and 45mm sizes to choose from. The biggest design treatment setting this watch apart from others is the trusty physical rotating bezel that makes navigation feel fluid when wading through the various menus and options. You can still tap on the

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Vs Apple Watch Series 6: Which Is Best?

Samsung’s top-end smartwatch goes up against Apple's best device The war between the tech brands is at its most fierce when the two big boys, Apple and Samsung, are battling it out for your cash. And right now, it’s the watches we're most interested in. Both the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 are arguably the two best smartwatches available right now. They both have health tracking, helpful smart features, and thousands of apps to keep you connected – they can do everything except rewind to a time before coronavirus. But which is right for you? Read on to find out which we think is best. Apple Watch Series 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 key specs Screen size: 1.2 inch  Works with: iPhone and Android Strap material: Leather or metal chain Storage space: 8GB GPS: Yes Number of exercises tracked: 40 Contactless payments: Samsung Pay Voice assistant: Yes, Bixby Battery life: 43 hours Colours: Black, white, bronze Apple Watch Series 6