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Android Central's Best of 2020 Awards

To say that 2020 has been an extraordinary year would be underselling it. It's been challenging for everyone, including the companies that make the products we love. But those companies have managed to deliver some incredible products in every category, from phones to tablets to Chromebooks to headphones to smart home and everything in between. In our Best of 2020 awards, we're taking some time to recognize the achievements of some incredible products, and some of the companies behind them. Congratulations to all the winners! Best Android Phones of 2020 Best Phone Overall Samsung Galaxy S20 FE $700 at Amazon The best phone for most people. The Galaxy S20 FE isn't the most technically impressive phone of the year, but without a doubt, it is our best overall pick for 2020. In a year where we're more price-conscious than ever before, the S20 FE's ability to offer the same flagship S20 experience for hundreds of dollars less is pure magic. Whether it be

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