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Anker's Soundcore Life Q30 ANC Bluetooth headphones have dropped to $60

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to snag a decent set of noise-cancelling headphones these days. In fact, over at Amazon you can snag Anker's Soundcore Life Q30 for only $60 right now. All you have to do is clip the coupon on its product page there to score $20 off. These headphones are already our pick for the best value wireless headphones and you'll be scoring for less than ever before with today's coupon deal. The deal applies to the black colorway only. The Anker Soundcore Life Q30 headphones feature hybrid active noise-cancellation, utilizing a combination of internal and external noise-detecting microphones to filter out up to 95% of ambient noise and keep your ears focused on what you're listening to instead. The ANC is customizable and comes with three modes: indoor, outdoor, and transport. The latter choice minimizes things like airplane engine noise so you can use these headphones while you're moving around. Outdoor can help when dea

These are the best Bluetooth headphones for under $50

Finding a headphone jack on a phone now is rare. Chances are, your phone doesn't have one — leaving you to go the wireless route to keep the music playing. If your need coincides with a tight budget, the COWIN E7 is your best starting point to get a set of great, all-around Bluetooth headphones. Here are some of our top choices for the best Bluetooth headphones under $50. Best overall: COWIN E7 For something at this price range, the COWIN E7 offers dependable sound quality that is, not surprisingly, centered around the bass. It's a boosted sound that may not be for everyone, partly because the thump and rumble seem purposely tuned to be a little over the top. Don't worry, though, COWIN did the same with the mid-range, which is one reason why these feel loud out of the box. Treble holds its presence, but it's playing a support role in the deeper parts of the audio spectrum. That they support active noise cancelation (ANC) is somewhat surprising at this budget-cons

Grab some new Bluetooth headphones with up to 30% off TaoTronics today only

Amazon's Holiday Deals are still going strong this weekend, and you have one day to save big on some great tech! There's a selection of TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones on sale for up to 30% off. You can get some active noise-cancelling or portable earbuds and more all down to super low prices. These low prices are set to disappear at the end of the day though, so grab something while you can. The TaoTronics over-ear active noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones have dropped to $34.99 in this sale. These headphones normally go for $50 and have only dropped as low as $45 directly. That makes today's price the lowest ever. The headphones can cancel out all those extra noises like a subway, airplane, or just the chittering of coworkers. It lets you hear exactly what you want to hear, which includes some high quality audio thanks to the Hi-Fi Audio Sound, deep bass, and Bluetooth 5.0 tech that helps eliminate interuptions. They also have an incredible battery lif