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Grab the Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth speaker for a new low price of $200

The Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth speaker is down to $199.99. This is the version with Alexa built-in that normally sells for as much as $400, so this is the best value today. There's a version without Alexa that normally sells for $350, and it's also down to $200. Obviously the savings aren't as good there, but if you prefer not having Alexa for whatever reason you can go with that speaker, which is also down to a great low price today. Head over to Best Buy where you'll find both of these deals price matched as well. The speaker uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which allows for a low latency connection that doesn't use much power and doesn't get interupted. It even uses the aptX codec for a smoother audio experience and lossless wireless sound. The multi-host functionality of the speaker allows you to connect two different Bluetooth devices and easily switch between them. Of course you don't have to just connect via Bluetooth either. The speaker has an

Don't buy a Bluetooth speaker on Black Friday without reading this first!

Bluetooth speakers are becoming super popular. Don't get stuck with a crappy one just because it was on sale! As Black Friday approaches, deals will start swinging at you left and right, especially Bluetooth speakers. More and more people now own smartphones and other gadgets that no longer feature the 3.5mm audio jack, and that means one of two things: they need a dongle or gear upgrades to Bluetooth. Before you go out and blindly purchase a Bluetooth speaker this holiday season, make sure you inform yourself, so you don't regret your purchase down the road. Check the model number and price One common practice technology vendors use for Black Friday is to create special variations for their products during the shopping season. Typically, these models are a blend of the vendor's various other products. It may sound like a good deal, but vendors usually don't offer support or warranty replacements on Black Friday models because they're built specifically for t

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