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The top 3 ways Windows 10X is similar to Chrome OS (and how it's different)

Microsoft has developed a "thin client" version of Windows that seems a lot like Chrome OS. But there are plenty of differences that matter.Back when the world first saw the Microsoft Surface Duo (a folding device that runs Android) and the Surface Neo (a larger two-screen laptop-style device that runs Windows), there was a lot of talk about their software.Most of the conversation was about the decision to put Android on a Microsoft-branded device, but the really interesting news was a new version of Windows dubbed Windows 10X that was designed from the ground up to run on light hardware and dual displays.Microsoft has shifted course a bit, and now Windows 10X is going to be released with single display clamshell devices (think netbook but better quality) first, which puts them in direct competition with Chromebooks. For some, these thin-client Windows laptops will be a better choice, and for others, a Chromebook will be the one to buy. The difference is in the details.The b…

These are the best Chromebooks to buy for you and your family

Android Central's top-ranking Chromebook reviews ranked

The best Chromebooks of 2020 can provide a top-notch computing experience, perfect for students, grandparents and anyone looking for a trouble-free laptop with long battery life. We've reviewed and rated the absolute best Chromebooks so that you can find the best value at any budget. Our buyer's guide will help you find the perfect Chrome OS laptop or tablet.
Best overall Lenovo Chromebook C330
$299 at Amazon
$280 at Lenovo
Last year's Lenovo is still the best Chromebook to buy. This zippy little Chromebook can last 10 hours and won't weigh down your backpack during an all-day excursion. Lenovo Chromebook C330 FeaturesBright 11.6-inch touchscreenTrue 10-hour battery lifeExcellent performance for the price4GB RAM, 32-64GB storageBalanced weight and sizeBright, shimmery 2-in-1 design The best Chromebook balances size with productivity, style with substance, and panache with a price. It's a Chromebook that any…

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