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Dell Black Friday 2020: When the sales begin & best deals

Are you ready for Black Friday? I hope so because it's here already. With a bigger emphasis on online shopping versus in-store appearances thanks to the global pandemic, a lot of retailers are opting to start Black Friday a lot earlier than normal. This helps companies by spreading out the shopping and avoiding delivery penalties, but it also helps you the shopper by giving you a much wider selection to choose from over the course of several weeks. That's exactly what you can expect from Dell, one of the first major retailers to announce its Black Friday sales. A lot of the deals we know are coming aren't necessarily live yet, so if you see something here that you don't see at Dell, just be patient. There are going to be a lot of Doorbusters, limited-time and limited-quantity deals, and other sales throughout the next month and a half or so. Remember while Dell obviously a lot of its own products including laptops and desktops and monitors, is as robust a