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What is Eero Secure, and how is it different from Eero Secure +?

Best answer: Eero Secure is a subscription plan introduced by Amazon for owners of its Eero mesh networking system. It offers a wealth of advanced security and parental controls to help protect your home network. Eero Secure + is essentially the next tier, offering more features for a higher monthly fee. Basic whole-home coverage: Eero Mesh WiFi 3-pack ($250 at Amazon)More range, more power: Eero Pro Mesh WiFi System ($199 at Amazon) Eero Secure gives you greater control over network security

Starting at $3 per month for a monthly subscription or $29 for an annual subscription, Eero Secure gives you access to several network-wide security tools that you can use to protect the people and devices in your home. They include advanced threat detection, ad blocking, Content Filtering, and access to Eero's VIP support channel. You can sign up for Eero Secure via your Eero Account page. Further instructions can be found here.
Threat Detection Eero's threat detection software draws from…

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