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Amazon Fire TV Stick & TV Stick Lite review: Plug and play

One of these is head-scratching and the other is a fantastic value. While other company's held off on releasing new streaming devices , Amazon has continued to churn out great options on an annual basis. The Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote from 2019 is one of the best streaming devices you can get, along with being the best Fire TV Stick out of the bunch. So when Amazon went ahead and dropped the new Fire TV Stick (2020) and TV Stick Lite, I was intrigued. These aim to solve a couple of different problems for those looking at getting a new streaming device. There are some flaws, but not enough to mark either of these options as not good value. It's clear that Amazon is paying attention to the competition and what has been working. Off the jump, it's important to note that from a design perspective, there really isn't much difference between the Fire TV Stick and the TV Stick Lite. In the box, you'll find the same HDMI stick, along with Amazon's rem

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