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Put that new Fitbit to work in 2021!

Chances are you recently bought a Fitbit for yourself or received one as a gift from a loved one. Fitbits are great tools for monitoring your physical activity and leading a healthier lifestyle, but sticking with one throughout the entire year can prove to be a challenge. Here are a few tips on how to set up a Fitbit and keep your fitness goals on track throughout 2021! Products used in this guide Track it all: Fitbit Charge 4 ($119 at Amazon) Smarts galore: Fitbit Versa 3 ($199 at Amazon) Cherry on top: Fitbit Sense ($279 at Amazon) More than just the basics: Fitbit Inspire 2 ($69 at Amazon) Connected scale: Fitbit Aria Air ($50 at Amazon) Customize your goals Out of the box, the Fitbit app will help you set certain activity goals to meet each day. These goals are designed to help you keep moving so that you have a visual finish line to reach, but at any point throughout your fitness journey, you may find yourself needing to increase or decrease these goals. Whatever

Here are some great Fitbit Versa and Versa 2 replacement watch bands

Fitbit's Versa family of smartwatches is one of the best out there for fitness enthusiasts. Whether you have a Versa , Versa Lite , or Versa 2 , all three of these wearables use the same proprietary watch band system. A lot of excellent first and third-party bands have been created since the original model's inception, and this is a complete collection of the best Fitbit Versa bands. Can't go wrong Wepro Band Staff pick Want to keep things as simple as possible? Pick up this silicone band from Wepro. The band itself is pretty basic, featuring a premium silicone material that's lightweight and sweat resistant. The stainless steel buckle is easy to use, there are small and large sizes, and a metric ton of colors to choose from. $5 at Amazon Affordable fabric KIMILAR Woven Fabric Band For around the same price as what Wepro's offering, you can get the KIMILAR Woven Fabric Band. The fabric material is classier than silicone and is a nicer choice for wea

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