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Review: Tales From the Galaxy's Edge weaves tales across space and time

From the High Republic to the First Order, this game covers a lot of ground. Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy's Edge marks the release of the second major VR-exclusive Star Wars series , following up the successful Vader Immortal trilogy from 2019. The same team behind that title has branched out in a significant way, moving from the highly-linear and depressingly-short Vader Immortal main story to a game that lasts several hours and takes you to dozens of different locations throughout the entire experience. Tales From the Galaxy's Edge is an Oculus Quest family exclusive game that takes place on Batuu, centering on the same Blackspire Outpost and Seezelslak's Cantina that can be found in Disney theme parks in Florida and California. The team seems to have taken the specific criticisms of Vader Immortal to heart when designing Tales . Everything from the voicework to the action is significantly improved from that game, yet it still is able to hone what made that series