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Is the Galaxy S21 worth an extra $100 over the S20 FE?

Best overall Samsung Galaxy S21 $700 at Amazon Pros Gaming-optimized Snapdragon 888 Aggressive trade-in deals Smaller, trimmer design Newer One UI 3.1 software Cons No microSD slot No charger in the box The Galaxy S21 is a compact, affordable flagship with three great cameras and the latest One UI 3.1 software. The screen is better than ever, and with Samsung's current trade-in offers, you can grab the S21 for an unbeatable price. Even better value Samsung Galaxy S20 FE $600 at Amazon Pros Expandable microSD storage Optical 3x telephoto camera Retails for $100 less Larger battery Cons Older specs and software Less generous trade-in The S20 FE is a terrific phone at a great price, with many features as the newer S21. It's the most affordable option in the Galaxy S series, with a larger screen and plenty of great colors to choose from. When the Galaxy S20 FE launched last fall, it set a new standard for Samsung's affordable flagship lin

Samsung Galaxy S21: Your complete buyer's guide to the new S21 series

Samsung kicked off 2021 with a bang. There are some things in the mobile tech space that are constant every single year, one of which is that we get a new Samsung Galaxy S release pretty early on. That was no different for 2021, but Samsung gave us the Samsung Galaxy S21 in January rather than making us wait until March or April. This year's flagship series brings a mix of expected and drastic changes compared to last year's S20 family, including things like spec upgrades, a refreshed design, and all-new camera tech. Whether you're in the market for a price-conscious flagship or something that goes all-out, the S21 series has something for you, and we're here to help you find out everything you need to know before you buy one for yourself — or buy them for the whole family. Killer flagship Samsung Galaxy S21 From $800 at Amazon More phone, less money For a lot of shoppers, the baseline Galaxy S21 will be the go-to choice over the flashier S21+ and S Pen-compat

Review: Months after launch, the Galaxy S21 is still a killer value

Everything you need, without the luxuries you don't. It's easy to get drawn in by the allure of ├╝ber-premium devices like the Galaxy S21 Ultra , but if there's anything Samsung learned from last fall's shockingly performant Galaxy S20 FE , it's that for many users, the best Android phone isn't necessarily the one with the highest price tag. That's especially true now, as thousands across the U.S. are struggling to make ends meet amidst a global pandemic; for those people, dropping four figures on a smartphone is hardly a top priority. The Galaxy S21 feels like the right phone arriving at the right time. It's $200 cheaper than last year's S20 at launch, and with aggressive trade-in offers, it can be had for much less. While it makes a few concessions in order to reach that lower price, the S21 still offers a fully-fledged flagship experience that I think most people will be perfectly happy with — but make no mistake, this isn't just a smal