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The Galaxy Tab S7+ is the best Android tablet you can buy right now

The best Android tablet available right now is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ . It has a big screen, high-end specs, tons of features, a stylus, and support for a full keyboard. It's expensive, and not the right pick for anyone who wants a smaller and more portable tablet, but as an all-around device, it can't be beat. For those who have different needs (or budgets), there are a few other picks that work well as media consumption devices and won't break the bank. The best Android tablets at a glance Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ — Best Overall: An incredible display and equally impressive specs. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 — Smaller form factor: Get a high-quality tablet in a more comfortable size. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 — Productivity for Less: Buy it when it's on sale. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — Midrange Option: An even more accessible tablet for tighter budgets. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 — Low-Budget: A great option for first-time buyers with basic needs. Amazon Fire HD 10 —

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