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Is the Galaxy Watch Active a smart purchase in 2020?

Best answer: Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is still a great buy. With all the new smartwatches coming out these days, it can feel difficult to keep up. Let us not forget the original Galaxy Watch Active is only a year old. It's still an outstanding piece of tech with plenty to offer at a fair price. That being said, the second edition is packed with premium features that some users might appreciate. Affordable fitness companion: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active ($150 at amazon) Premium features: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 ($289 at amazon) A highly capable smartwatch When choosing a smartwatch, you want to be sure that it has the features you're looking for. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is overflowing with health and activity tracking perks, which makes it ideal for fitness fans. It can automatically detect and record seven exercises with tracking for 39 more. You've also got built-in GPS, so mapping your route on a run is a breeze. Some other benefits i

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