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How to fix performance problems on your Samsung Galaxy S or Note phone

Samsung's phones are powerful, but no phone will perfectly perform in all situations, so let us show you how to fix some of the most common Samsung phone problems. As your Samsung phone starts to get old, you may start to see slowdowns a couple of years in with new features and apps. If your Galaxy device is slowing down from time to time, there are lots of things you can do to fix it — here are our top tips. How to fix common Samsung phone problems: Restarting is the first step Sometimes we get so focused on trying to fix a slowdown that we forget about the most basic thing ever: restarting the phone. This is true of any Android phone , not just a Samsung Galaxy device. Yes, it stinks to hear "did you turn it off and back on again?" when you feel like you've already tried things, but this is something you have to do as the first step of your performance issue troubleshooting. Software and apps are supposed to behave themselves, but sometimes they don't

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