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How do you build the best party in Genshin Impact?

So, you've pulled Venti in Genshin Impact. Now you need a powerful team to support him. When you're first starting out in Genshin Impact, it's easy to become overwhelmed with building up a perfect party of fighters. Initially, you'll only have a small cast of characters to work with, but you'll quickly obtain more through events and the game's Wish system, as you'll be showered in Primogems to spend on Wishes early on. Once you have a few characters sitting around, likely representing all available elements (there are seven total elements, but Dendro doesn't have any character representatives currently), and you probably want to know who you should be spending resources on to make the strongest party you can. Tackling Teyvat together Genshin Impact Free on Google Play Free on PS4 Adventure through an open, elemental world Genshin Impact puts you in the shoes of the Traveler, a world-hopping protagonist stranded in the world of Teyvat, who is

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