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How to sign up for Google Fi

Google Fi is one of the easiest carriers to sign up with. Once you have your SIM card and Google account set up, you can complete the setup on your phone in the Google Fi app. Google Fi is one of the best MVNOS around and will be a nice fit for most people thanks to a Flexible plan that keeps prices low for light users and an available Unlimited plan for heavy users. Products used in this guide Create your Google Fi accounts and review your options: Google Fi (From $20/mo. at Google Fi) Get the full Fi network experience: Google Pixel 4a ($350 at Amazon) How to setup for Google Fi You'll need an internet connection and Google account to set up and use Google Fi. Google Fi has two plans: Flexible and Unlimited. The unlimited plan makes the most sense for people that know they'll use more than 15GB of data each month. Navigate to to get started. Click Join Fi . You will be asked to sign in to your Google account . Make sure this is your account a

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