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Easily move those old pics off of Facebook and into your Google Photos

This tool fixes the pain of switching all of your photos over. If you've been on Facebook for more than a few years, you probably have loads of photos and videos that only exist there. They likely even predate your Google Photos, Dropbox, or OneDrive accounts. Sure, you could download all of your data, fish through it to find your photos, and start re-uploading them, but what a colossal pain! Thankfully, Facebook has a tool that lets you transfer your Facebook photos to your Google Photos account. Here's how to use it. How to transfer pictures from Facebook to Google Photos I recommend doing this from a computer rather than a mobile device. Log in to Facebook. Click on the drop-down arrow at the top right of the screen. Click on Settings & Privacy . Click on Settings . From the left navigation menu, click on Your Facebook Information . Click on Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos (you can only do one at a time). Choose Google Photos as the

Ready to ditch Google Photos? These are the best alternatives

It's hard to beat Google, but these apps are great options, too. Despite the news that the free ship has sailed, Google Photos remains one of the best , if not the best, photo backup solutions available on Android. However, we understand if you'd like to jump to a different service, so we've collected some of the best apps to use to backup your precious photos and videos. Once you find something to suit your needs, be sure to head over to our best Android apps mega roundup, too. The top 3 apps 1. Amazon Photos 2. OneDrive 3. Dropbox More options Flickr Plex NAS solutions Synology Moments QNAP QuMagie WD My Cloud What are the best Google Photos alternatives? Google really nailed it with Photos, but there are alternatives out there, even if they might lack the same features or still cost money. First up is Amazon Photos . If you're a Prime member, you have this free photo backup service available to you. It's a bit more basic than Google Photos,

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