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Google Pixel 5: Everything you need to know before buying

Google's latest flagship is here (and green). Following last year's controversial Pixel 4 , Google is ready to right some wrongs with the all-new Pixel 5. The Pixel 4 introduced new ideas like a telephoto camera, face unlock system, and unique gestures, but it did so at the expense of battery life. This time around, Google's trying something a bit different. Rather than be concerned about having the highest-end processor or five cameras, Google designed the Pixel 5 to be a meat and potatoes Android phone that does everything you need it to do, has all of the core features you could ask for, and comes in at a much lower price than the latest flagships from Samsung and Apple. Whether you want to learn more about its price, release date, specs, or anything else, here's everything you need to know about the Google Pixel 5! Buy the Pixel 5 Google Pixel 5 $700 at Amazon The newest Pixel has arrived Google packed a lot into the Pixel 5, including a 90Hz OLED di

Pixel 5 has some known problems, but you (probably) don't need to worry

Google addresses a battery indicator bug, while the known screen gap issue gets a teardown. What you need to know The Pixel 5 has a known battery indicator bug, which shows inaccurate battery percentages. Some Pixel 5 owners have reported a noticeable gap between the display and the frame right out of the box. Google has promised a bug fix for the battery indicator, while a teardown video addresses the screen gap issue. It's only been about two weeks since the Google Pixel 5 started arriving on people's doorsteps, but early adopters have already found a few notable issues with their units including a battery indicator bug as well as a screen gap between the display and the frame. In a recent Google support thread discovered by 9to5Google , several users have reported that their battery indicators have been showing inaccurate percentages with unusually slow drain times. A Google product expert has acknowledged the issue. "The team is aware of this issue and

The Pixel 5 and iPhone 12 mini both cost $700 — which one should you buy?

Best Pixel ever Google Pixel 5 $700 at Amazon Pros Compact size with a big screen 90Hz refresh rate Excellent battery life Top-notch camera quality Three years of software updates Cons Weak stereo speakers Doesn't have Wi-Fi 6 Google's Pixel phones have always been good, but the Pixel 5 is the first one to be amazing in just about every way. The 6-inch display looks great, and thanks to slim bezels, the Pixel 5 remains very compact. The Snapdragon 765G allows for great performance, camera quality is among the best you can find, and battery life is fantastic. It's also the better deal, offering twice the storage for the same price as the iPhone. Tiny treasure iPhone 12 mini From $699 at Apple Pros One of the smallest phones in years Crisp OLED display Blazing-fast performance Unmatched video recording Updates for 5+ years Cons Same price for less storage Just OK battery life This year's cheapest iPhone

AC Podcast 497: iPhone 12 vs. Pixel 5 Cameras; OnePlus; Foldables

Daniel and Hayato welcome special guest Raymond Wong of Input for an in-depth conversation about iPhone 12 and his direct comparison to the Google Pixel camera system. There's also a segment about OnePlus. The underdog has historically placed customers and value first, but some of their decisions have made us wonder if they are losing their way. Foldable phones partially serve as a new product category. Rectangular slabs will still be around for quite awhile, but they are making mobile devices a lot more interesting. And they're definitely starting to justify their existence. Listen now Subscribe in Pocket Casts: Audio Subscribe in Spotify: Audio Subscribe in iTunes: Audio Subscribe in RSS: Audio Download directly: Audio Links: Raymond WongπŸ“±πŸ’ΎπŸ“Ό (@raywongy) / Twitter iPhone 12 and 12 Pro review: Virtually flawless iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12: Release date, price, features, and more | iMore iPhone 12 Pro: Release date, price, and everything you need to kno

These are the absolute best Pixel 5 cases you can buy right now

It may be hard to pick the best Pixel 5 case because there will be so many options. Whether you want a ruggedly handsome heavy duty case, a super slim and stylish case, or something in between like the perfectly balanced Caseology Parallax , these are the best Google Pixel 5 cases to be found right now. Safe and stylish Caseology Parallax Staff pick This mesmerizing case has protected my last two Pixels with grace, and the colorways for the Pixel 5 are quite fetching. The Aqua Green will fit the green Pixel 5 perfectly while Burgundy and Navy Blue jazz up the black Pixel 5. $15 at Amazon Long-term protection Tudia Dualshield Merge Series If you want a heavy-duty case without a heavy-duty price, Tudia has been the go-to for years. The Merge Series gives you the impact protection and grip of a flexible TPU sleeve with the sturdiness of a polycarbonate back. $12 at Amazon Machine washable Google Fabric Case Google's fabric cases are luxurious and eco-fri

Google Pixel 5 leaked in full hours ahead of launch event

Jon Prosser strikes again! What you need to know The Google Pixel 5 has been leaked. Images reveal a fully-working device in retail demo mode. It comes hours before Google's September 30 event to announce the phone. Google is hosting its Pixel 5 launch event later this evening, and just hours before the event, Jon Prosser has leaked photos of the new device in full. Posted to Twitter this morning by Prosser were the following images: Late night Pixel 5 leak, if you’re up. πŸ‘‹ — Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) September 30, 2020 The leaked photos look at whole lot like previous leaks of the phone that we've seen, featuring a small, hole-punch camera on the front, metal chassis, and a dual-set of rear cameras. Previously it has been rumored the Pixel 5, will ship with a 6-inch 90Hz FHD+ OLED display, Gorilla Glass 6, Snapdragon 765G, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Keeping all of it running will be a 4,000mAh battery with fast-charging. The

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