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6 things we'd love to see in the Google Pixel 6

Google's Pixel 5 was a mediocre phone, so let's see how the 6 can up the ante. The annual Pixel launch has become somewhat of a highlight for Android watchers ever since Google launched the line back in 2016. Love them or hate them, they are always some of the best Android phones and it's nice to see what Google's doing on the hardware front. Last year's Pixel 5 for one was a bit of a strange phone. It was praised for being a good camera phone and offering a stripped down experience for less money (and it does do those things), but it also had too little setting it above the Pixel 4a or 4a 5G. Personally, I find the less is more approach Google took to the Pixel 5 can only go so far before you're just getting less, period. This year, it'd be nice to have the company offer a litle more with its hardware so that it doesn't need to be carried by software. Curiously, while we had leaks of upcoming Pixels by this time last year and the year before, this

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