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Why a USB-C hub is the best accessory for your Chromecast with Google TV

Whether you're adding local movies or just want the stability of Ethernet, USB-C hubs are the way to go. I've been using the Chromecast with Google TV for the past two weeks, and I'm largely in love with this little dongle and its even littler remote. The new interface is an adjustment, but the improvements to Google Assistant and the ease of finding new content is wonderful. There's only one real downside to using the Chromecast with Google TV instead of my 2015 NVIDIA Shield TV , and it's that there's only one port on the Chromecast: a single USB-C port. But as a Chromebook enthusiast, I learned years ago: if something only comes with a USB-C port, the first thing to buy for it is a great USB-C hub , and the Chromecast with Google TV has two great reasons for you to do the same. Eliminate glitches and lag with Ethernet I was used to using Ethernet with my NVIDIA Shield — Wi-Fi bug, long story — and didn't think I'd need to bother with Ethern