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Insta360 is revealing its new ultra-portable camera later next week

Light, small and, apparently, very swingable. What you need to know Insta360's latest camera is a pocket-sized wonder, according to teasers. The new camera will be announced next week on Wednesday, October 28, 2020. Insta360 is running a giveaway campaign that ends on the announcement date. 360-degree cameras aren't anything new , but Insta360's latest pocket-sized camera aims to make people reimagine what they think a 360 camera can do. That, according to the teaser the company put out for the new camera which is to be announced on Wednesday, October 28th. In the teaser video, which you'll find below, the camera is clearly being handled in a way that most people would probably never imagine handling the average electronic device. Swinging it around, flying through car windows, and being tossed about are a few examples of what Insta360 sees happening with this new, versatile 360 camera. Based on what we know so far, it's possible that this produc

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