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LG will outsource production of budget devices to save its phone business

LG wants to focus on the high-end after years of losses. What you need to know LG is moving the manufacture of its low and midrange phone to Chinese ODMS. It's doing so to save costs as the company moves towards focusing on its high-end products. The company has seen 22 consecutive quarters of loss in its mobile business. LG is reorganizing its mobile phone division in a bid to cut costs and tackle competition from firms like Oppo and Xiaomi , as per a Reuters report on Monday. Going forward, LG will outsource the production of its budget phones to Chinese ODMs. Similar to decisions made by Samsung , it'll be using Chinese ODMs to build those phones and sell them under its own brand. The company will instead focus its resources on building out a compelling high-end range. LG has found some critical success with new phones in the form of the LG Velvet and the LG Wing , but the company has yet to pick up the sort of sales numbers it needs to be relevant. Xiaomi, on th

LG's first rollable phone will reportedly arrive in March next year

There's no word on the phone's specs at this point. What you need to know A new report says LG is planning to launch its first rollable smartphone in March 2021. The device, which is codenamed "Project B," will be the second phone to be launched under LG's Explorer Project. LG had teased the device at the Wing launch event last month. LG teased its first rollable phone at the Wing launch event last month, giving us a sneak peek at its design. Now, a report from The Elec claims the experimental phone will be launched in March 2021. The second phone under the Explorer Project is apparently codenamed "Project B ." Unlike the LG Wing, which is a dual-screen phone with a swiveling main display, Project B will have a flexible screen that can be rolled around the side and back of the phone. Just like foldable phones , the rollable phone will allow you to have a larger screen when you need it. The report also claims LG will be launching its next

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