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Linksys Velop AX4200 review: Streaming with the greatest of ease

Cozy up to Wi-Fi 6 anywhere you could possibly want it — even outside. Linksys Velop products regularly top our list of best mesh routers, and the new Linksys Velop AX4200 is a more affordable version of our favorite Wi-Fi 6 mesh system . It may offer a lower maximum theoretical wireless speed than the higher-end Velop MX5/MX10, but it doesn't cut out any of the important features or compatibility with other Linksys products that make the Velop family so darned good. It's also a lot less money — for $500, you'll be getting a 3-pack of Velop AX4200's which are rated to cover over 8,000 square feet of space. Compare that with the Velop MX10, which is $600 for a 2-pack that only covers 6,000 square feet, and you'll immediately understand the value proposition. Since it's Wi-Fi 6 , you can use advanced high-speed wireless devices like the Oculus Quest 2 in ways that Wi-Fi 5 just didn't allow. On top of that, each Velop AX4200 node sports three usable gigabi

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