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For prepaid carriers, should you go with Mint Mobile or Boost Mobile?

Buy in bulk Mint Mobile From $15 per month at Mint Mobile Pros T-Mobile LTE network Unlimited talk and text Unlimited plan is available Free calls to Canada and Mexico Hotspot on every plan Cons Must buy in bulk Unlimited plan slowed at 35GB Save money by buying in bulk. Plans come with unlimited talk and text and have no overages after you've used your data. Speeds are lowered, but you can upgrade your plan mid-cycle or easily add more data. Big on data Boost Mobile From $10 per month at Boost Mobile Pros T-Mobile or Sprint network Unlimited data Hotspot on all plans Unlimited music streaming Shrink-it! Plan reduced bill Cons Unlimited plan slows at 35GB Whether you have better Sprint or T-Mobile coverage, Boost Mobile has a plan for you with plenty of data and great international calling and roaming options. You can save money with multiple lines on either network. Mint Mobile will be cheaper overall, but Boost has a lot of features going

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