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Both the Shield TV and TV Pro are great, but which is the right one for you

NVIDIA Shield TV (2019) A compact redesign $150 at Amazon Pros Clever and compact design Updated remote is fantastic Still the best Android TV experience Improved AI Upscaling is great Cons Might run into issues running some Android games Not novice-friendly out of the box The most striking change for the 2019 NVIDIA Shield TV refresh is its unique tube shape and the redesigned remote. This is a streamlined and portable stream box with upgraded processing power that's still delivering the best Android TV experience you can buy. NVIDIA Shield TV Pro (2019) Subtle upgrade $200 at Amazon   Pros Same sleek Shield TV design More RAM and double the onboard storage Offers USB ports for external storage The one you'll want for Plex and gaming Cons Less internal storage than older Pro model More expensive than the tube Not enough new features to justify upgrading The NVIDIA Shield TV Pro (2019) both looks and runs nearly identically as the older Shi

NVIDIA's new shield tablet is like the old, but cheaper

NVIDIA shield tablet  NVIDIA's first shield tablet was a device that almost everything right:  the 8-inch slate had a sharp display is flanked by two speakers, a surprisingly precise integrated stylus and a powerful 192-core Kepler K1 processor. At the time it was simply the best games Android device on the market, and a pretty darn good Media Tablet start - but NVIDIA quietly put the shielding on the pasture earlier this year. The company is preparing for the start of a new, more powerful shield tablet? No: it is that of the same slate back on the market, albeit with a reduced, $199 price and less fuss. At a glance the new NVIDIA shield tablet K1 is a dead ringer for its $299 predecessor with almost identical chassis with the same ports, buttons and layout camera. There were a few improvements: NVIDIA replaces the shiny black font on the shield logo with brushed metal sign and the new tablet speakers are with rubberized grip surface. In fact, the only difference between th

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