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One UI 2.5 tracker: When will my Samsung Galaxy be updated?

One UI 2.5 made its appearance on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. It's now coming to older flagships as Samsung now promises up to 3 major updates. Samsung has updated One UI, its own opinionated take on Google's Android software, version 2.5. The update first made its debut on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra , and now the company has committed this update bringing it to at least three generations of past flagships. What's new in One UI 2.5 Samsung first released One UI 2.5 on the Note 20. It bundles in updates to many of Samsung's core apps including the Notes app, wireless Samsung DeX, and Reminders. Notes become far more powerful, allowing users to bookmark sections of audio recordings and edit PDF documents. Samsung's also added syncing so that you can keep your notes in sync across all your devices. DeX also becomes a lot more powerful with wireless DeX support. Now you can use any compatible smart TV and instantly create a larger workspace whi

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