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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, 5G Galaxy Z Flip will launch in August 2020

Samsung is expected to launch two new foldable smartphones in the second half of the year. An affordable foldable handset model is expected to hit the market next year, industry insiders said on Sunday. Samsung is expected to present the Galaxy Fold 2 and the 5G variant of the Galaxy Z Flip together with its flagship phablet Galaxy Note 20 at an event in August, the news agency Yonhap reported, citing the industry sources. But his affordable foldable smartphone, probably called the Galaxy Fold Lite, is unlikely to make its debut at the event, they said.
The South Korean technology giant was said to have released a version of its foldable smartphone that costs almost half the price of a normal Galaxy Fold. Technical experts have predicted that the Galaxy Fold 2 will have a 7.7-inch screen and a 6.23-inch cover display when unfolded, both of which are larger than the 7.3-inch or 4.6-inch displays of the predecessor. Samsung is expected to use ultra-thin glass (UTG) for the Galaxy Fold 2,…

List of known Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary PC bugs and issues

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary has arrived on PC, but everything isn't as hunky dory as players would like. Here's a list of all of the known bugs and issues with the game.
After a lengthy wait, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary has finally made its way to the PC platform via Steam, the Windows 10 Store, and Xbox Game Pass for PC. However, players have been reporting a myriad of different bugs in the wake of the game's launch, and some of them are rather nasty. Here's a compilation of all the different known issues being reported by players, as well as strategies for fixing them (if you can).

If you experience a bug or issue that we haven't listed in this article, make sure to contact us and we'll add it to our list!
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary PC audio issues
Some of the worst bugs in the game are the audio ones, which currently affect a large portion of both Campaign and Multiplayer content. Music is reported to loop or cut off incorrectly, and will som…