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Now might add PS4 PlayStation, PS2 and PS1 Games, Sony says

Sony says the response from users has now PlayStation been "very positive" measure.      Streaming gaming service PlayStation Sony PlayStation 4 could get now , PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 1 games plus PlayStation 3 games currently offered , the company said . "In our plans for the future we're looking at all there is a real possibility that you will see PlayStation 1 , PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 4 titles available, " Sony Entertainment Network VP Eric Lempel told Game Informer in an interview. "Right now it's only PlayStation 3, but these are all options for the future. " Furthermore, Lempel said that Sony is currently looking to make changes to the pricing model based on comments now PlayStation users. As noted above , with rental prices ranging as high as $ 49.99, and there is no way to access digital games previously purchased PSN , prices are currently too hig

Slender: The arrival set to launch on Xbox 360, PS3 Soon

If you enjoyed Slender : The arrival in PC, the horror game Blue Isle Studios based on Slender Parsec Productions , then you're probably not as excited to know that the game is set to arrive on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on 23 September 24th . Still, if you have a PC that can run the game, you are probably very excited. A press release apparently seeped between Midnight City , the new independent publisher that focuses on small and mid- budget indie games , offering the opportunity to get their games to the public. They have also been behind recent titles like Krautscape . I like what Midnight City is aiming to make within the gaming industry and it is good to see a publisher put and pick stocks with potential sleeper - hit and take them home consoles state. As discovered by Hardcore Gamer , the release date for Slender : The arrival did not come alone . A new trailer was also reduced , which can be chec

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