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These are currently the best co-op games you can play on PS4

Sometimes you don't want to play a game by yourself; sometimes you want to have a good time with a friend. For the purposes of this list, we stuck to games that don't typically fall under the category of competitive multiplayer shooters like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Rainbow Six Siege, and more. The games below give a great cooperative experience without the threat of random strangers mowing you down and possibly ruining the fun. Of course, these are also playable on PS5 , through backwards compatibility. Best co-op games for PS4: Borderlands 3 It Takes Two A Way Out The Division 2: Warlords of New York Edition Minecraft LEGO DC Super-Villains

Endwalker, Solar Ash, and more releases for PS4 and PS5 in December

New and exciting PS4 releases seem to come out each month, giving dedicated gamers plenty of worlds to choose from. With the PS5 officially here, fans now keep track of multiple new releases and updates more than ever. Fortunately, we've gathered all of the best titles and listed other worthy games for you to consider adding to your collection. Here are all the PS4 and PS5 releases to look out for in December. ★ A gigantic expansion - Dec. 7 Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - PS5 & PS4 Staff Pick While technically not a full game release, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is perhaps one of the year's biggest releases, if not this month. The highly-anticipated fourth expansion pack to the Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG arrives as a standalone release for new players. It includes an increased level cap, new areas, two new character classes, and more. $40 at PlayStation Dec. 2 Solar Ash Solar Ash is an adventure platformer that sees players navigate various brightly lit, n

The best PS4 and PS5 games you can play online without PlayStation Plus

While PlayStation Plus is usually a requirement to play online multiplayer, there are notable exceptions to this rule. Most free-to-play games allow people to enjoy online multiplayer matches without needing to be active PlayStation Plus subscribers. If you're wondering which games fall into this category, we've created a list of some of the best online games you can play without PS Plus. Should you want to see the complete list of free-to-play games offered on PS4 and PS5 , Sony has an entire section of its store dedicated to just that . Jump to: Genshin Impact Rocket League Call of Duty: Warzone Dauntless Apex Legends Fortnite Final Fantasy 14 Neverwinter Smite Brawlhalla DC Universe Online Warframe Paladins: Champions of the Realm Star Trek Online Genshin Impact Though it has a PS5 version in the works, Genshin Impact can be played on Sony's latest console through backward compatibility. This fantasy RPG thrusts players into the world of Teyva