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Forget the iPhone SE — the Pixel 4a is looking like the 2020 phone to beat

Here's the handset that has me excited.Whenever a new iPhone is announced, it's met with a great deal of hype and excitement — that's just a fact. No matter if the particular model is completely revolutionary or just a modest year-over-year improvement, it gets a spotlight that seldom Android phones do.This exact thing happened when the iPhone SE was unveiled back in mid-April. Everyone clamored to talk about how great and amazing the phone was — heck, we even gave it a great deal of praise and said that it "basically just killed the Pixel 4a and other value flagships." That's a good take and one with a lot of merit, but the more and more I've thought about it, the less I'm sure I personally agree with it.It's true that the current state of budget Android phones leaves a lot to be desired compared to the iPhone SE. Motorola's Moto G handsets are only promised one major OS update, Samsung's new Galaxy A51 is a laggy mess, and so on. However…

The Pixel 4a surfaces in new leaked live images

Google's new fabric case also makes an appearance here.

What you need to knowGoogle's Pixel 4a has leaked in live images.The new images show up the Pixel 4a's pinhole camera, fingerprint sensor, and camera bump.They also show off its new fabric case.Google's Pixel 4a has leaked onto the internet again, this time, it's posing for the camera. In a series of images originally posted on reddit as screenshots from a private Facebook group, we catch our first glimpse of Google's 2020 midrange handset alongside the accompanying fabric case.
As a caveat, it is worth noting that while the mage is from a source that's not one of the usual ones, it does look like a legitimate image with no markings or distortions that out it as a photoshop, mockup, or other fabrication at this point in time.
When we look at the pictures, there are few surprises here, it looks like we'd expect. The squared off camera bump from the Pixel 4 is here, and we have the borderless screen…

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