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A Pixel 4a for £319 sounds pretty good, right? Get one now!

Amazon UK has chopped a chunk off the Google Pixel 4a which makes it even more of an epic buy. Black Friday isn't even here yet and the great deals continue to flow. Deal season is a perfect time to grab a new Android phone since you can guarantee even some of the latest devices will see good discounts and that's exactly what we're looking at here with the Google Pixel 4a , one of the year's best phones. Normally it's an already reasonable £349, but right now you can save £30 by getting one from Amazon UK which makes it a truly epic buy. Google Pixel 4a | £319 at Amazon UK £319 at Amazon UK You won't get a better camera phone for this money and with the latest updates fresh from Google, the Pixel 4a is an absolute gem and now at an even better price. In our review of the Pixel 4a we said: "Google modernized and improved the design, stepped up the specs, kept the same great camera quality, slightly increased battery life, and dropped the price by