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Google Pixel 4a review: The best camera under $400 is a perfect 2020 phone

The encore to the Pixel 3a's affordable excellence is still brilliant. Google's several attempts at making own-branded phones has returned few victories, but one of the clear bright spots was last year's Pixel 3a . It turns out that Google's "less is more" approach really fits well within the constraints of a less-expensive phone, and its strengths in software and camera processing stand out against less-refined competition. It can easily be argued that its successor, the Pixel 4a , is the more important device for building the Pixel brand than the upcoming higher-end Pixel 5 . And on the face of it, Google did things right this year: it simplified to a single phone, improved the specs, kept the great camera, and dropped $50 off the price. That makes an enticing package — here's how it all works. At a glance Google Pixel 4a Bottom line : The Pixel 4a is the new budget camera quality leader — but it doesn't stop there. It has a larger scree