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Returnal for PS5 is a magnificent DualSense showcase

More games like this, please. Ever since the PS5 was released, many people — myself included — have praised the revolutionary technology behind the DualSense controller. Most PlayStation exclusives support haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to some degree, and third-party DualSense support is flourishing as well, but there wasn't a big showcase for the tech aside from Astro's Playroom. That's changed now that Returnal has arrived on PS5. You've heard people calling this the first true next-gen game, and they're not exaggerating. That's exactly what it feels like, in no small part due to the PS5's SSD and extraordinary controller. All of this tech working in tandem creates a mesmerizing experience. From the moment the game begins, you're in the pilot seat of the space shuttle, and as it's barreling through asteroids and suffering a major malfunction, you can feel everything . The rattle of the shuttle as it shakes. The tiny jolt of press

Resident Evil, Mass Effect, and more release for PS4 and PS5 in May

New and exciting PS4 releases seem to come out each month, giving dedicated gamers plenty of worlds to choose from. With the PS5 officially here, fans now keep track of multiple new releases and updates more than ever. Fortunately, we've gathered all of the best titles and listed other worthy games for you to consider. Here are all the PS4 and PS5 releases to look out for this May. ★ Head to the village - May 6 Resident Evil Village Staff Pick A brand new Resident Evil experience is almost here, with Resident Evil Village picking up right where Resident Evil 7 biohazard left off. Players will still assume the role of Ethan Winters, this time trapped in a remote village where they'll have to find out the various mysteries of just why you've been taken there. Gameplay seems to be very similar to the extremely popular Resident Evil 4, making this one of the year's most anticipated games. $60 at Amazon May 14 Mass Effect: Legendary Edition The Mass Effec

Returnal for PS5 review: A mesmerizing blend of action and horror

Don't fear the reaper. When the PS5 released late last year, it arrived with a couple of cross-gen releases, a very pretty remake of a 10-year-old game, and an adorable platformer tucked away in the system's memory. But once the dust settled and the newness of the console started to fade, many wondered when the first real next-gen game would arrive for the system — the flagship title that would showcase what the PS5 is capable of. Not just from a technical standpoint, but in its gameplay, sound, story — the whole package. Almost five months into the new year, it's looking like we have to turn to Returnal for answers. This roguelike is the first major PS5 release of the year so there is a lot riding on its shoulders. Not only was it bound to set the standard for next-gen releases, but it had a lot to prove as a new IP amidst news of Sony's focus on blockbusters and reluctance to greenlight new projects . When I first started up Returnal, I thought I knew what to

PlayStation Now should be the place where indie and AA games thrive on PS5

PS Now is lacking in several ways, one of which being its ability to court new indie and AA titles. I've written a lot about PlayStation Now the past few weeks, whether because I think it's in desperate need of an overhaul or because I think it could become a serious xCloud competitor . The common denominator that you'll constantly see me compare it to is Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's all-encompassing game subscription service. This time around, I'll be discussing how PS Now should take a page from Game Pass's playbook and become the perfect place for indies to thrive on PS5 . Indie games can be tough to market and even harder to sell. Indie games can be tough to market and even harder to sell. They don't have the same type of money behind them as AAA titles do, and many depend on word of mouth to make sales. The fewer people that play your game, the fewer people you have talking about it. But with a subscription service, it's easier to take a c

Sony confirms it has sold over 7.8 million PS5 consoles since launch

The PS5 has sold more than the PS4 during the same time period since launch. What you need to know Sony has posted its Q4 2020 fiscal year financial results. The company has revealed that it has sold a total of 7.8 million PS5 consoles so far. Sony's PlayStation Plus service now has 47.4 million monthly active users. Sony today shared its financial results for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2020. The company posted an operating profit of 66.5 billion yen ($610.8 million) during the period, thanks to a strong performance by its gaming, movie, and music divisions. The games and network services business saw an impressive 32% YoY increase in full-year sales, reaching 2.66 trillion yen ($24.6 billion). Operating profit, on the other hand, came in at 342 billion yen ($3.17 billion), up from 238 billion yen ($2.2 billion) last year. However, Sony notes that the division's operating income was dragged down by "loss resulting from strategic price points for PS5

Massive PS5 restock confirmed: When to buy a PS5 from Target

Haven't had any luck buying a PS5 yet? You'll want to try getting one from Target in this latest restock. What you need to know Sony's PS5 has been difficult to get ahold of and frequently sells out almost instantly once it's up for sale. TechRadar reports that a massive PS5 restock should be happening at Target on April 28. Target usually drops stock early in the morning around 7:40am ET. Purchases will be online-only but you should be able to go to your local Target to pick it up. PS5 restocks have been dropping sporadically at various retailers, and it looks like Target should have a ton in-stock tomorrow. According to TechRadar's PS5 tracker , which is usually spot on for restocks, Target should have the PS5 in-stock on April 28 around 7:40am ET. The time isn't set in stone and could be anywhere between 6am and 9am ET, but Target's put up stock at 7:40am in the past. In-stock PlayStation 5 $499 at Target $399 at Target This is your la

PS5 restocks: Here are the latest PS5 stock updates & how to find one

PS5 stock is selling out fast so be sure to have your credit card ready. Looking buy a PS5 ? Well, so do millions of other people and the stock levels that we've seen so far are tight. Every time a retailer puts stock up for sale, it sells out super quickly. The longest we've seen them stay in stock is maybe 15 - 20 minutes (usually just a few minutes, though), and that's at random times, so finding one for yourself can be a difficult task. Sony has warned that it will be hard to find stock throughout the year, but retailers are promising more is coming. In our PS5 review, we called it a technical marvel with a groundbreaking controller. After spending a few months with it now, it's nearly impossible to go back to the PS4. Everything about the PS5 is better , and you'll want to experience it for yourself whenever you get the chance. Jump to: When are retailers releasing new stock? Buy PS5 in the U.S. Buy PS5 in Canada Buy PS5 in the UK Where to buy PS5

Resident Evil Village for PS5: Everything you need to know

Ice-cold horror is waiting. Capcom's Resident Evil franchise shows no signs of slowing down, with the Resident Evil 3 remake landing in April 2020. This series has sold over 100 million copies so far and the next entry is looking to escalate that number. Resident Evil Village is a strange game based on what we've seen so far, abandoning past franchise mainstays and taking our cast to a mysterious snowy village. No longer are the enemies hordes of zombies — instead, we'll have to battle the likes of werewolf-like Lycans and vampire ladies. Here's everything we know about Resident Evil Village. Jump to: What is it? Check out the trailers What's the story? Is it coming to PS4? Will it support PSVR? When does it release? What is Resident Evil Village ? Resident Evil Village is the eighth mainline game in Capcom's long-running Resident Evil franchise. It's a survival-horror game being developed for PS5 , PS4, Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S , X